Prometheus Rising


I have listen to Elixir Ultima for the last 3 days, including today.
Last night after celebrating new year I heard 1 loop and fall asleep… today I woke up with almost 0 inflammation and almost 0 pain in my hand. Thats pretty impressive!!

Ive done some self hypnosis too, but Im convinced that Elixir had a major role in the process.

@SaintSovereign @Fire Im sure tou guys will find this interesting.

Edit: Im out of pain killers, I took the last one 14 hours ago. That makes it even more impressive.


Agni Meditation day 22/30

Now Im listening to a loop of Elixir Ultima while I prepare to take a nap…


Ran a 2nd loop of elixir and fell asleep really deep. I woke up feeling lighter amd less worried about my health.


Elixir Ultima is awesome. :slight_smile:


Really awesome!


Agni Meditation day 23/30

Yesterday did 3 loops of Elixir Ultima, and early this morning (5am) 1 more… nothing else. Today is rest day.

Last night I had the most vivid, detailed, comprehensive, real time sex dream. It was with a young woman I know and its not the first time I had a sex dream about her. The funny thing is that even though shes atractive, its not the kind of woman I would pursue, shes sexy but she lacks that something special.


Agni Meditation day 24/30

My finger keeps getting better, but today my left knee hurts.
Yesterday I only did Elixir Ultima in the morning, today Im gonna rest.
Later at night Im doing a loop of Wolfgang, thatsmore than 24 hours of rest time.


Grain Brain Whole Life Plan by Dr David Perlmutter


Agni Meditation day 25/30

Yesterday Ive only listened to 2 loops of Wolfgang Terminus, today I woke up with some brain fog, but not too much. Im taking the day to rest and process.
Had a lot of dreams last night, kothing I recall, but woke up with a huge boner.


I find this very helpful for brain fog!

I guess you’re feeling better.:grin:


Much better now!! It was a mild brain fog and I resting, so everything is ok. Thanks for asking!!


49 days listening to Agni Q
36 days listening to Prometheus Q
22 days listening to Wolfgang Q Terminus.

This stack is now on hold while I listen to Paragon exclusively.


Nice will look forward to hear you progress on this, fell like a nice ultima is in the work when it comes to paragon


Its already giving awesome surprises!