Prometheus Rising


One more thing Ive notice this week, is how easier is becoming to see through peoples mask, intentions, deceptions, manipulations, and general shit they use to try to leverage and advantage over you.

To be honest there was a moment that I felt overwhelmed by it, because 1 thing is to see it in random people and a whole other is to see it in people I love, specially trying to do it on me, but the worst was seeing how I was doing the same to others. It comes to a point in which the ego delusion of being perfect and superior than common mortals just dont hold water anyone.


it like and internal and external vibe, see from both side/ multiple perspectives, just something that wont have a hold on you anymore


Took the time to play with Libertine Ultima v2 today. Listen to one loop, then took 30 minutes to let the energy flow and took action. Results? Great sex!! As simple as that.

It was hard to listen though cause I got incredibly horny at about the 5 minute mark.


I just did Deep Trance Identification, but decided to do it with 2 subjects for this time, Guthrie Govan and Marty Friedman.

When I identified with Guthrie it felt very joyful, very playful, like a kid creating a new world with his toys, thats what I draw from him mostly, the guitar being a way to create new worlds, to cast new realities and bring them to existence, as the wand from a magician.

When I identified with Marty Friedman, something totally unexpected happened, I was overwhelmed by emotions, I felt my heart getting really warm and big, vibrating strongly, tears fell from my eyes. In retrospect I felt how guitar and music is a way to express what can not be expressed any other way. A way to convey emotions through rhythm, textures, melodies and harmonies.

It was a powerful experience, tomorrow I will begin to notice how it affects the way I relate to music as a language and guitar as my magic wand.


Damn I really want to play guitar now! My girlfriend is sleeping and its pretty late, so no chance to do it for now.


How did you identify with a specific person?


The more you know the person, the better the results, I know both Guthrie and Marty from thousands of hours of listening to their music, hundreds of hours of video and a lot of interviews to get a deeper grasp on their beliefs, strategies and the way they see the world.

While in deep trance theres more than one way to Identify with someone, my favorite is to see the person behaving in the desired way and embodying the traits you want more of, be it behaviours, beliefs, strategies or specially the “aura”. After your get a sense of it you go and enter subject 1 body and become him/her, you let yourself be that person, feel that way, move that way and you embody that esence.

The next step is you assimilate that esence in the way thats more useful for your own purposes. Be careful to let any unwanted stuff completely out of the process.


Seeing 4s and 1s all over the place again, in the clock, on web pages, on the tv.


My stack is flowing so smoothly that I decided that tonight I will add my second custom and reduce Limitless to a maximum of 2 loops, maybe just one a day.

Early morning:
Custom 1, 1 loop.
Limitless Q, 1 loop.

Custom 2, 1 Loop.


Already dod 1 loop of my second custom… the proceeded to dp some yoga.
It seems that the month on Regeneration Q + Elixir Ultima made me so much prepared for my customs, considering they are Terminus. Im still taking it step by step until I find the sweet spot.

For now I can say custom 2, is a feel good sub.


This is the 2nd custom just in case someone wants to know.

Sex Mastery
Emperor Fitness St4
Attachment Destroyer
Current Invoker
Gratitude Embodiment
Joie de Vivre.
Love Without Attachement.
Total Nonchalance
Lion IV
The Architect.
Sexiness Unbound.
Spiritual Freedom.
Carpe Diem.
Inner Voice.
Power Unleashed
The Merger of Worlds.


This is the beautiful moment.

It begins as disappointment and ends as liberation.

You can walk without fighting the earth and the sky. The smile on your mouth is humble and amused. Your mind is flexible and pliant; ready to learn.

A good space!


That one is so important, to get rid of internal conflict and flow with life.


Your new avatar has a joyful yet pacific feeling to it. I guess that’s one of those Vajrayana bad-ass buddhas? but it’s the background color that I love most of all. Are you doing something with Dzogchen or Mahamudra?


Everyday I feel lighter, which is both metaphorical and literal.
Metaphorical cause of my attitude and the way I feel in my body, literal cause Im dropping weight and getting healthier and fitter.


Yes it does! Its a depiction of Agni Deva. Im currently reading the Rig Veda and every morning Im doing a meditation to invoke Agni and to draw fire into my life.


Ah, Agni Deva. How beautiful!

I just read about him.


There. To add to the many blessings in which you are already swimming.

May Agni radiate through you to warm the world around you.


Im a Yogi in a Tibetan lineage of traditional Tantra Yoga


my friend/brother/teacher Kenneth Folk has recently begun to share a bit more about his experience of and interaction with beings. Buddhists sometimes talk about the six realms and this is shared to some extent with Vedic views: Devas, Asuras, Human, Animal, Ghosts, Hell Beings.

He shared an interesting picture recently. It was an approximation of how he’d perceived a deva. Looked like a jellyfish made from lightning/electricity. He said if you ever see this one while meditating, approach it respectfully and ask ‘What is desire?’

He’s done and seen much. Never talked much about these things before. Anyway, it’s a nice synchronicity.


Thats pretty interesting! I will keep it in mind