Prometheus Rising


Is this related to the 8 legions?



any recommendations for a beginner in Tantra, either Tibetan or modernized?

I have a book called The Bliss of Inner Fire

Which I am drawn to re-engage.


I havent read that one… gonna take a look at it.

For Tantra I highly recommend reading Arthur Avalon work, you can start with “The Serpent Power” its not an easy read but its full of gold.
Take a look at “Kularnava Tantra” and “Shiva Samhita” a couple of Tantric sacred texts.



I think @SaintSovereign had this created for over coming “imposter syndrome”. I found it definitely helped me overcome feelings of inferiority. My self-esteem seems better overall too.



Me, too. I think these are like twins.


Yes, New Beginnings deals exquisitely well with “imposter syndrome” and paired with Stark its just superb. What I found is that it helps me dissolve the concepts of self-esteem and inferiority, what I mean is I dont think on terms of having a good self-esteem or whatever, I just feel good being me, no names necessary, if that makes sense somehow.


I just love the vibe I get from those, add Rogue to the mix for extra spice.


I was doing my yoga routine while listening to my custom 2 (Sex Mastery/DareDevil/EmpFitnessSt4) and I feel so light and athletic, its great! I remember going out today to buy food and feeling like a cat, fast reactions and light body.

Its seems like the month off my custom to do Regen amd Elixir totally shift my focus and now Im way more prepared to do 2 Terminus Customs.


I was thinking I need new names for my customs, I no longer identify with the names I gave them back when I created them. I dont really indentify with the person I was back then either, these customs speaks to me in a different language now.

Using them for a couple of months and then 1 month of Regeneration + Elixir really changed the game for me.



I know exactly what you mean! I just wasn’t able to articulate it that way!


what about





Never heard of that one.


Thing continue to develop in such a smooth way, Im in a great mood, relaxed and active and I keep getting new clients.
Step by step Im building a business, now I have to think on something new to get more clients.


Im keeping my stack real simple, 1 loop a day of each sub

1x PS/Stark/AlchemistSt4
1x Limitless Q
In the morning

1x SMx2/DD/EmpFitSt4 in the evening

Im keeping it this way for a couple of weeks, then maybe tweak the amount of loops of 1 custom.


lol , I meant as names for your customs


:joy: I thought you were talking about a book.

Agni is a great name, in fact thats the name I was considering yesterday, you know what they say about great minds :sunglasses:
Infinity on the other hand doesnt really connect with the other custom… surely something will soon enough.

So now AlchemistSt4/Primal Seduction/Stark its called Agni, this one is pure fire.


Just finished my morning loop of Agni and Limitless so its time for breakfast and renovation of my drivers license. I can finally go to the beach for a couple of days, no confinement!

In the evening I will have a loop of my Emperor Fitness custom while I exercise.


Im having a burst of new clients and it started exactly when I began listening to Agni, so no coincidences there.

My plan is to work to keep this growing tendency until I reach my desired client per week number, so I can live confortably without necessity of doing trainings, so that trainings becomes extra money I can use for traveling, buying myself nice gear and other stuff.


After doing DTI the other day I feel more methodic in my approach to learn the guitar.

Im practicing at least 2 hours a day, Im much more aware of my picking technique and my left hand technique, adjusting it in a way that feels weird for now, but its gonna give me more speed and agility in the future.

Whats cool is Im using a metronome and enjoying it, I used to hate those little things.
So great results for now with DTI and Limitless. My plan is to do DTI often to deepen the learnings and install specific attitudes and techniques.


I feel Im growing in a holistic, integrative way. In which all aspects of myself are being taking care of.