Prometheus Rising


Im revisiting The Learning Machine and adding some of the new modules. Since I didnt made anymore custons for my birthday due to a change of plans, I still wany to biuld a Learning custom, but maybe for christmas to give myself time with my current stack before adding some more.

The Learning Machine

Minds Eye
Quantum Limitless St4

Virtuoso di Matematica
Submodel Alpha
I.Q. Congnitive Booster
Ultimate Writer
Ultimate Music Producer
Masters Coordination

Im open to suggestions to enhance this learning sub, I want it to be all encompassing but with a focus in music/guitar.


This looks similar to a custom I will create one day when I have time to focus on pure intellectual development.

Anyway, perhaps Informaticon and Information Releaser would be helpful too?


Informaticon! I dont know how I missed that one, thanks for the remainder.
Information Releaser looks a little too much on the side of emotional healing, not sure about that one.


Supposedly brings up memories from past.Some of these memories may be useful to you.Some are traumas that affect your learning that are released.


That might be useful, Im gonna keep that module under observation.


Merger or Worlds
Intuition Enhancer


Already have those 2 modules in my customs, they are great!


I may have missed it, are you running all Q build customs or are any terminus?

How do you find Q fairs against Terminus?

The confidence on Emperor Terminus is out of this world but Q certainly has it’s advantages.

Also if Agni custom is pure fire
how would describe your other custom–? This may help with a condensed name lol


Both my customs are Terminus

Terminus is way stronger and I need a good base in order for Terminus to be effective, otherwise its too much reconciliation.

Im considering that same approach :wink: no name yet, but Im not in a hurry.


I think Im getting a little subliminal burnout, depending on how I wake up tomorrow whether I take an early rest or not.


burnout on Terminus creeps in stealthy but quick, I’m monitoring and lowering my stacked loops of Q to ensure staying tip top.


Yeah thats correct, Im taking the day off tomorrow… need the proper rest.


Yesterday I started a guitar video training its absolutely basic, they start by the names of the strings. I could easily jump to the second half of it and dont miss a thing, but I decided to do it completely.

I woke up with some brain foginess and Im gonna take a semi rest, Im only listening to Limitless Q, since my brother offered to give me a guitar lesson today and Limitless is way lighter than any of my customs.


Last night I had some strange dreams, really vivid ones and in real time. I woke up after one, then fall asleep again, then the process repeated many times.

Sometimes I wonder what would happend if I listened to Minds Eye and Dreams Ultima… would I be able to differentiate dreams form reality :laughing:

That experiment will have to wait for some time.


now you have me wanting to try this, hmmm might be good for a 1-2 weeks experiment, ill think bout it


I think it would yield awesome results, I just have my plate full for a couple of months.
If you go for it please share some of your results.


Ok Im done…

First custom AlchemistSt4/PrimalSeduction/Stark is now Agni
Second custom Daredevil/SexMastery/EmperorFitnessSt4 is now Prometheus.
Both are Terminus powered.


Agni Terminus:
Alchemist ST 4
Primal Seduction
Iron Frame
Aura of Craving
Sexual Manifestation
Earth Shaker
Direct Influencing
Intuition Enhancer
Financial Succes Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Secrets of Akasha
Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Negative Energy Transmutation
Divine Will
Energetic Development

Prometheus Terminus:
Sex Mastery
Emperor Fitness St4
Attachment Destroyer
Current Invoker
Gratitude Embodiment
Total Nonchalance
Lion IV
The Architect.
Sexiness Unbound.
Spiritual Freedom.
Carpe Diem.
Inner Voice.
Joie de Vivre.
Love Without Attachement.
Power Unleashed
The Merger of Worlds.


Im taking guitar lessons, yesterday was my first one… Ive noticed how old things I already know began to come to the surface and blending with new understandings.

I just finished my practice, took 1 hour to practice scales and shapes, to get to know my axe by heart.

Im craving for my learning custom sub, but its not the time quite yet.


Last night we went out to dinner to some friends house, first time in many months we hang out with friends.
Daredevil definitely is smooth and powerful, we had a great time.
The only thing is I woke up burned and tired like I had a hung over, even though I didnt drink at all. Im pretty sure something I ate got me sick though.