Prometheus Rising


So yesterday I only did 1 loop of Limitless Q, today 1 of Libertine Ultima when I woke up… and now rest till monday.
Brain needs his resting time.


Limitless really helps me to be motivated and to practice guitar, just finished a second round. The thing is I dont feel very good physically for what it seems to be a mild stomach ache for some not so good food I ate yesterday, but Im still motivated to practice.


Ive seen 1s and 4s all day 11:44, 11:14, 114, 441, you name it.
My head have been hurting all day long too… I think its reconciliation, which makes me think if I should lighten up my stack or take an extra rest day on wednesday
I think that could work.


Well I believe its reconciliation because I been thinking about changing subs and all that crap. I just need to keep resting till monday and then take an extra rest day.


Right now it feels like I builded such heavy subs… but Im determined to keep going and to find the right exposure schedule for me.
From monday to friday is too much, next week Im changing the schedule and alternate listening.

Monday: 2 loops Agni
Tuesday: 2 loops Prometheus
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 2 loops Prometheus
Friday: 2 loops Agni
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest.


What an awful night I had, woke up lots of times and a persistant headache. Still hurts a lot, gotta cancel the plans for today and just rest.
Last night I had to do some emotional release exercises because I was feeling so angry that my body actually hurted. As soon as I started the exercise, so much sadness came out.


Headache is finally beginning to clear out… but im not in a good mood. I did one loop of Sanguine Ultima and it helped me out a bit.
I think I need a shower and some sex :joy:


Ive been thinking since yesterday, to remove all healing modules from my customs and replace them with some of the new ones I really like.
That way I put a stop to the reconciliation and I can focus on results for now. When I want healing I can do Regeneration Q + Elixir Ultima.

Im gonna test my new schedule for a couple of weeks and then decide my approach


Well, how come you had healing modules in your custom? I assume they must not be integral to the goals of your custom if you can remove them. I read through this up until this point but I’ve been reading so many journals lately I kind of forget people’s custom’s content unless I skim back through lol. I think one was called Agni, which is the Stark, PS etc one…

Are you sure it’s the healing modules that are the sole reason for the reconcilation? And… Are you sure that thought of removing them isn’t in itself because of reconcilation?


No, Im not sure… thats why Im changing my listening pattern for a couple of weeks, so I can check if reconciliation might be due to too much exposure (or too intense) since both customs are Terminus.

That could easlily be the reason lol, that again is why Im testing for a couple of weeks.

When I did Regeneration and Elixir for a month, I didnt get this kind of reconciliation, so Im getting more inclined to think that reconciliation might be produced from the power of terminus and I need to find a lighter listening pattern.

They where at the beginning, but then I did a month of Regeneration and Elixir, now I realize that I prefer to have healing as a separate thing, otherwise Im on a constant digging while I prefer to focus in moving ahead and get things done.

So Im uncertain that a lighter listening pattern by itself will do the trick. Im also considering the removal of the healing modules.
I will test for a couple of weeks and decide.

Im aware theres some reconciliation speaking in my journal in the last couple of days, but thats part of journaling.
It might seem disperse or erratic to some, and others they might see a pattern I cant yet see.


@Ninjistic of course all this reasoning might be a way to run away from something that Im scared to deal with.
I did stop my customs once before for the “same reasons”.
So… I guess its a good idea to find that out.


Ah yes, you are the one I originally read doing the Regen x Elixir stack, that’s right! I don’t think it reads as erratic, at least it didn’t a few hours ago when I caught up to the handful of posts I hadn’t seen yet. Then again, I wasn’t looking for it :yum:

I wish I could give you advice based on personal experience for the listening pattern, but I have yet to create a custom at this point, let alone a Terminus. Actually well, I guess you have two Terminus customs. Termini?

I don’t know if you ascribe to astrological phenomenon, but if I remember the post correctly, @Hermit mentioned the other day that Mercury (let’s say the planet pertaining to thoughts) is retrograde (going through some shit in Scorpio (the sign of transformation), which means that in my impromptu theory, maybe your reconcilation is written in the stars and you’re just going through some needed…well, healing.


Thats correct 2 terminus customs, 3 cores each.

Im not much into astrology, Im pretty ignorant in that area, but I know enough not to discard something just because I dont understand it.
It makes sense if I think about it, this kind of transition is not new for me, even though I forgot about it this time… every time I go through reconciliation, some deep changes manifest in me.


Yeah man, if you’re curious and want some basic surface level info about the concept, just Google “Mercury retrograde Scorpio” and see if what you come across resonates :slight_smile:


Maybe thats just what I need to do, after all your comment is #114 and Ive been seeing combinations of 1 and 4 everywhere for over a week. :sunglasses:


Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, ain’t that somethin’! I hope it leads you to something that helps!


I need that image out of my mind :joy::joy::joy:


Oof. And you’ve used Mind’s Eye before, too?! Ooooof.


Well… the storm is over and I feel fantastic! Im gonna go out with the lady to enjoy the afternoon.
Tomorrow the new schedule begins!


I thought I would play a bit of devil’s advocate here, and hopefully be more advocate than devil . . .

you seems to be insightful and introspective… do you think that changing up your listening might be a form of reconciliation?