Prometheus Rising


Having multiple vivid dreams everynight is no longer a surprise for me, in fact not having any would be rare.
Last night was no exception, but what was funny is that this morning my girlfriend yet againg told me that I bark like a dog while I sleep.

Yesterday we where having lunch and we heard a dog barking, I said to her I think last night I dreamt about dogs, she laughed and told me I barked a lot in my sleep, she has told me the same many times before. This morning it happened again, she teases me that I was a dog in a previous life.

What is the relation between this and subliminals? I have no idea but its funny.


Today Ive been feeling a little sick, like I might have a mild flu or something.
Physically and energetically weak, I just want to sleep, besides that I was a bit cranky in the morning.
Not motivated at all.


I think Im gonna drag my ass out of bed to do some excercise, being in bed isnt helping me.
Yesterday I was too much under the sun with no protection, so I think Im sunstroked


I had a very weird day today emotionally and it finished with a car accident, nothing big. My car had 0 damage the other guy had minor damage, but it was my fault, I was irresponsable, so I assumed the cost of the guys repair.
Now a days theres no cheap repair.

At first I was afraid and thought it was for the money I will have to pay, but then it began to feel like something more, something deeper.
I began to feel vulnerable, worried, like something grave happened.

At some point I decided to explore into those feelings and remember some experience when I was little and my brother ( 1 year old) removed the brake from the car and the car began to go directly to a fall. My mother had to run following the car, jumped in and stopped it right on time.

Of course my mother was ultra scared and saw both of us dead in her mind, and she was very agressive at blaming me for “allowing” my brother to do that. I understand now that she reacted poorly and she felt guilty and projected it on me.

That mixture of fear, guilt, worry and confusion, shooked me pretty strong. I feel very weak.


Had a shitty night having to process tons of things that came pouring from the inside.
The accident was the catalist, like the one thing that is not that big, but serve as the medium to finally allow yourself to pour out all the things that were held inside.

Im much calmer now, but sleepy as fuck and I have to work with a client… I guess hypnosis will be effortless… I hope I dont fall asleep.


I should recieve my new custom today or tomorrow, Im motivated to start listening to it, but for the first time Im not anxious to get it.
I decided to not make the 2 customs I had in mind because of the launch of Dragon Reborn, who happens to comprise most of what I was looking for, plus plenty of goodies!

Im gonna test drive my new custom for a while before adding DR.


Ive just recieved my reworked/updated custom
Downloading now!!


In gonna do a couple of loops to get a feel of it


Currently doing the 2nd loop of Agni Reworked… I feel tired and cranky. The tiredness has nothing to do with the sub though, I just need some rest, the crankiness started with the sub, but it might be tiredness related.


Ive been pretty irritable today, my body aches and I have little energy to do my yoga routine, which I did anyway.
Did a couple of loops of the new custom, 1 Limitless and 1 of the Prometheus T.

Irritability vanished while I started a session with a client, but felt out of tune in it. Not all the time, but it was a subtle feeling of not being really there.

I been tired for 4 days…


Today for the second time in 4 days I realized how easily I can be manipulated when someone speaks like they know all the answers and give orders with an agressive tone.
It was a demoralizing experience to be aware of it, but I took it as an opportunity to stand my ground and make changes. It wasnt optimal and still feel kind of lame.

The only thing destroyed was my ego though.


The thing is that I first though that I reacted that way because I am a “good guy” and want to please people and not give them trouble, but then I understood that Im only afraid of confrontation.


Something real nice is happening with my new custom, Im getting more clients!
It was happening before with the previous version of the sub, but it feels faster now.


Its been 3 different ocassions in 1 week that my girlfriend has told me Im more talkative and sharing more (Daredevil) the fun thing is that I dont feel or notice that, apparently its been so smooth that I couldnt percieve the difference but she has.
Yesterday Yoga practice was great, I feel my body differently, more flexible and stronger. (Emperor Fitness)
Ive been having little to none interest in sex, maybe because some issues have been comming to the surface that made me feel angry and sad and cant be bothered with sex.


My stack is running super smooth since I added my reworked custom. I plan to keep things this way for a week, then remove limitless.
At some point in the future I will get Dragon Reborn, but not now, things are working out really good so I dont want to change things yet.


2nd day off subs… took the weekend off and Im feeling really good, except for a mild allergy.
We came to the beach with my girlfriend family… definitely feeling Daredevil working.


That sounds amazing!

Glad to hear it.


Pretty amazing… makes you wonder how many more changes have you experienced and you are not aware of them yet.


Currently listening to Agni while a burning sensation gets stronger and stronger in the middle of my chest.
No reason in particular that Im aware of.


Its been almost 2 weeks without using any ultimas… I dont know why, but I cant stand the masked sound for more than 5 minutes. With my 2 customs and Limitless Im using ultrasonic.

Not that I missed them, Im having great results. Getting more clients, making more money, Im having great sex and excercising regularly.

Since my new custom has no healing, Im having very little exposure to healing modules from my Prometheus T custom. Im 100% focused in getting things done and have a different approach to the healing process.

My plan is to keep it this way, no matter how great Dragon Reborn looks, I dont feel its time for that in my life. Maybe sometime next year.


Im so used to healing subs or having healing modules in my customs, that unknowingly I began to meassure how good a sub was working by how mamy crap it digs out, reconciliations and the “orgasms” that came after that.

But now that my custom has no healing… after almost 2 weeks Ive realized that those measuring criteria doesnt really work.
Im in the flow, getting things done, solving what needs to be solved, pretty relaxed and nonchalant.

Im beginning to focus on other things in order to measure results.