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Yes, and it is, of course, not you.


Running Sanguine Ultima on loop through phone speakers.


Do you work in IT? This sounds like IT


Yes. This is an IT issue!


I relate. I’m increasingly annoyed at how many people get hired for jobs and don’t have basic computer skills. I’m still nice to them, but this whole mentality of “I’m not a computer person” shouldn’t fly in 2020. ITs job isn’t to train people how to use computers, yet I feel like thats what’s expected at times.


Yeah. The “middle man” guy I deal with seems to claim even greater than plausible cluelessness with tech so that he doesn’t need to take responsibility for anything, but somehow gets away with it, probably because he has been around a long time.


Ugh that’s the worst. I fell into IT, it was never a major goal of mine. But man, I had no idea the level of disrespect some people give you in this career field. You def gotta show your teeth every once in a while so people don’t step on you. Unfortunately I think there are a lot of doormats in this field who just take the abuse and then others think it’s perfectly fine to be like that.

But it sounds like with that other post you made you’re having that internal shift to not take shit from others which is good.


Just ran Personal Ecology for Men.


Yes. Having shifts. I am finding more to be happening from my new Qs than occured with nearly a year on various iterations of Emperor. But maybe all that Emperor time paved the way.

But, yeah, on jobs you get to understand that so many people are incompetent jackasses and complete knobs. So many assholes.


Just ran Personal Ecology for Men @ 3 and 10 pm.


Listened to PEFM.

Running Sanguine Ultima over phone speaker.


Listened to PEFM last evening. Subliminals running as usual.


Was really fucking tired last night. Literally went to bed @ 8 pm. No PEFM. Did manage to flip on Sanguine Ultima on the phone speaker but at some point it seemed to turn off.

I had the awful realization that because of my work situation I am almost assured of contracting coronavirus at some point in the next three months.


I feel both fairly solid and really vulnerable at the same time. Obviously having to interact with a fair number of people with the threat of coronavirus fuels that sense of vulnerability.

I keep the subs going at all of my three stations 24/7. Right now, at work, I’ve got my Q sub built around Stark, Primal Seduction and Ultimate Artist playing in ultrasonic.

I work in a field that is visual art related and I give a lot of presentations and I have been finding myself more eloquent and having interesting creative insights as I go about my work and give presentations.

This particular custom has been running here in the office since I came back to my physical office for work on August 3rd. Not a full month, but approaching it.


I started listening to the following Q custom on July 18, so more than a month.

Sex Mastery

Blue Skies
Ego Adsum
I Am
Lion 4
New Beginnings

10 modules total.


I was pleased when I saw the module called “Ares” as this is the name of the Greek god of war and “Mars” is the Roman equivalent.

I decided that this was a sign that I would need to put that module into every Q custom I create, as the ruler of the ascendant in my natal chart is Mars, and thus far I have.


Listened to the first track from Mark Cunningham’s Personal Ecology for Men last night.

All subliminals running as usual.



Again the first track.


First track again this morning.