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Will travel this weekend and will have approximately 48 hours away from listening to my subliminals.

During that 48 hours I will undergo hypnosis more than one time.


In the midst of my break.


Ending the 49 hour sub break. Back home.


Had a pretty standard hypnosis session done by a student. Good experience.


Back with subs running.

Listened to an hour of the Hypnotica presentation from the Hypnotic Identity online seminar he did about a month ago. It is compelling to hear him hypnotically improvise. He riffs and weaves and wends and seems able to keep it going at length.


How did you react? How was the experience in general?


Yes. I felt I went into hypnosis nicely, felt time distortion, asked for suggestions related to more healthy eating habits and I have avoided today some unhealthy foods I might normally eat.



Just listened to Hypnotica from Hypnotic Identity.


Really long induction woven in response to and within questions.

Was playing it from my laptop with Limit Destroyer Ultima playing softly underneath.


Feel like I am getting way more solid and grounded in some ways.

I attribute it to my custom featuring Ascension, Primal and Sex Mastery + some healing mods.

I do still have issues with procrastination and situational and even generalized anxiety that I continue battling with.

I can feel a rise in baseline, and probably some blunting of situational anxiety, but I keep hoping to get way more relaxed, natural and easygoing. It might not be possible with my genetic mental and physical make-up, but I hope to get there.

I take a bunch of supplements and nootropics and some days thing really come together, but on Monday, when I presented I felt scattered and ungrounded and words were not coming to me. Felt awful.

I will present the same material today. I am hoping I will be more focused and grounded.

I’ve at times maintained a focused mantra meditation regime, but have not made it permanent. Maybe it is time?


Was really tired after work yesterday and pretty much ate and went to bed. Didn’t even have the energy for hypnosis last night.

Subliminals running as usual.


Have purchased Hypnotica’s Deeper Desire video.

Will make it my main hypnosis track for the near future.


what do you think think, ive listened to it a few times the video quailty and sound production is top class. It definitely gets me into a relaxed happy state i think this and libertine will be a game changer


I’ve only gotten a chance to have it play while I was doing something else.

Looks good.

I will run it with my full attention this evening.


me too!
Have not listened yet


I am going to give it a first listen with full attention pretty soon here.


I noticed Hypnotica mentioning that this will help with being more grounded which I could really benefit from.


Listened twice last night. It put me into a pretty deep trance and brought me out both times.

Strangely, I have the sensation of warmth near the spot the Chinese call the Dantian.

I also have a greater sense of solidity and lack of anxiety.

I am going to keep running this for a while.

Hypnotica asks that you focus on a spot, and I have just been looking at the women in the video for that purpose.