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I want to start having Limit Destroyer Ultima or Rebirth Ultima playing underneath the hypnosis track.


I have really been liking Hypnotica’s Developing Deeper Desire and plan to run it once a night before bed. Seems to help with a sense of groundedness and solidity + there is that warmth in the dantian.

Playing it with either Limit Destroyer or Rebirth Ultima underneath it.



Hows your experience with rebirthU ?


I’m not sure what to say at this point. It can be tough to distinguish the individual effects when one is using several subliminal tools.


I keep running my subs and feel evolving change.

Running the Hypnotica track, too.


I feel like a lot is shifting around in my psyche.

This morning, while laying in bed, though, I had the the thought that my view of the future is the most pessimistic it has ever been.

I also often feel very vulnerable to attack.


I keep coming back to major pessimism. I feel like many things are shifting positively but my overall outlook is pessimistic.



Running the hypnotica track with an Ultima twice a day. Positive effects.


I keep running everything consistently.

Working towards a greater sense of solidity and groundedness.

There is a small part of my job that I am very uncomfortable with and when I deal with this area I have quite a bit of doubt, fear and procrastination. The Subs seem to be shifting it on the edges, but there is a core anxiety that mostly has remained untouched.


I’d been having some minor coronavirus shutdown related issues with eating.

These issues seem to be easing recently. I am not absolutely sure what to attribute it to, but it is very positive.


Continuing my Hypnotica track listening.

Subs playing as usual.

My biggest ongoing issue is procrastination on a few issues.

Fridays are usually good for getting things done in the morning and then having time to meet individually with people in the afternoon. Doing a lot of Zoom, but have a large enough space to meet with say 5 people socially distanced, too.


Downloaded and am listening to Elixir Ultima through my phone speakers.


Please share your experience with ElixirU


So far through speakers while sleeping.


I plan to get Elixir up and running behind the Hypnotica Developing Deeper Desire hypnosis track while I run it.

Als thinking of trying out The Legacy and Godlike Masculinity in the same manner.


Listening to “The Executive” through fairly decent in ear monitors while working on the computer.

Feeling a weird sense of being inflated with a strong, tingling energy as I hit a minute in.


Listened to “The Executive” underneath my Hypnotica track played twice back to back.

I’ve got an Itunes playlist with all the Ultima tracks I’ve got set up in it.


any noticeable effect from executive?

Personal Ecology is absolutely fantastic btw

I’ll be monitoring closely to see how it effects/interacts with my subliminal use.