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I noticed the first time I listened Executive seemed to be warming and inflating my energy body. It also seemed to focus me for the work I needed to do.

Did not notice as much later when I played it under “Developing Deeper Desire” which is the Hypnotica track I have been playing for the last week. Basically it is a hypnosis track intended to activate the lowest two chakras set into a video of a variety of beautiful women mugging for the camera.

I plan to play this for a month and then shift to another Hypnotica or Cunningam title.

I like PEFM a lot. I have logged a lot of miles with it since 2004.


Yes I purchased the track but cannot download it on my computer('s) I wrote customer service 2x but to no avail.

I can download it on Amazon Fired Tablet for some reason so not too worried, will listen next week most likely.

I was suprised to see PEFM has a bit on ‘member’ enhancement- have you noticed any gains from that?


What do you have for a computer?

I have downloaded “DDD” both on a nearly new PC running Windows 10 and a 12 year old Macbook Pro running an out of date OS. No issues on either.

I am a little puzzled as to why Hypnotica included what appears to be a song he recorded. I am wondering if that has a hypnotic function. I listened once and since have only listened to the video hypnosis.

The main effect I have noticed so far is a warming at pretty much the location of the chakra below the navel.

I guess I never really watched for member gains from listening to PEFM but I like that Mark included it.


I am noticing a great degree of calmness tonight, where normally I might feel a greater degree of anxiety and a case of The Sunday Scaries. I don’t even have a purple mattress.


Listening to Executive Ultima while working on the computer. I do find it helps my focus.


Listened to Elixir Ultima overnight while sleeping. Listening through my phone speaker.

I can’t say exactly how effective this is but at worst it is a nice white noise track. Nothing lost.


Today I gave a talk to a small group. I felt my presentation was unusually awful for me, but the audience still responded with affection and enthusiasm.

I later talked to many of the same people one on one and felt great warmth from them despite feeling off my standard.

I listened to “Executive” this morning while working and felt it gave me strong powers of motivation that lasted throughout the day.


Tonight I am running at full volume from my phone the following Ultimas on a loop.

Godlike Masculinity


Slept pretty soundly but I am not sure it was all that restful. I was way out, though.

I feel pretty calm and I seem a bit slower and more deliberate in how I move.


Listened to Commander at work. Strong effect on interactions with people at work who look to me for guidance and leadership.


I find that recently any attempt at procrastination has simply felt awful. This does not mean I have not still indulged it.


Continue listening to a playlist of ultimas at night. I find my sleep to be pretty deep.


Listening to Rebirth Ultima from my phone through shitty bottom of the barrel bluetooth earbuds.


Got my flu shot as part of my general health and covid precautions.

Seemed to knock me on my ass. I slept very deeply, with only one instance of waking from just after 10 until nearly 8.

I did have a playlist of ultimas playing through my phone speaker and these seem to be a great sleep aid, though I also have a sense that I am not particularly well rested.


Running elixir in sleep. Really weirdly energizing.

Played Hypnotica earlier.


Ran Hypnotica.

Ran Elixir on a loop from my phone as I slept. The Ultimas have a curious ability to encourage uninterrupted sleep.


Sometimes, in my anxiety, I can feel the new ideas battling it out with the old programming in my body, like it can be felt in the bones and muscles and gut as knots and aches.


Running Elixir Ultima overnight, after a long day.


Running Elixir Ultima on a loop at night. Had a profound dream about justice, fairness, our perceptions of them and our desire to achieve them.


It is interesting to see how continuing to run something every night if it is not set it and forget it is a form of taking action.