Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)


Still hoping for a module for visual artists.



Just had a 48 hour break from subliminals over the weekend.

Back in as of about 5 pm yesterday.


I’ve done three related customs that each play in their own place — one at home, one at work, one in workout area.

Would like to keep each of these going indefinitely.
Would be interesting to swap in a name embedded major title to play for three or four months at a time before switching to another, while the customs pretty much play indefinitely.


I’ve got my sub focused around Asc, Primal and SM playing in my bedroom.

SM really ramps things up in its realm!!!


I have been ramping up the number of loops of my custom incorporating SM and have noticed my attention strongly shifted to that realm of life.


I think Primal may be having its effect, too. Really noted a ramping up last fall when starting Primal, too.


Interested in the possibility of running Drag Reb by itself when name embedding is rolled out.


I keep listening to Your Instant Life Revolution by Michael Norman. It is a 55 minute long hypnosis/nlp track.

I notice shifts with this in conjunction with the subs.

Seems useful for stopping recurring unuseful behavior patterns.


Running a custom in my office in ultrasonic.

Also running the Executive and Commander tracks from a playlist through the built in speakers on my mac desktop.


In the midst of a subliminal break from 2 on Friday until mid afternoon tomorrow (Sunday). Will amount to about 48 hours with subliminals.


Finished my two days away from subliminals today at about 5:15. It ended up being just slightly more than 51 hours total.

I started listening to Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction” on Friday, too.


Hoping that a visual arts module will show up sometime soon.




Playing Elixir Ultima through a bluetooth sleep headphone. Certainly shitty quality, but likely as good as playing from the internal speakers of my google pixel.


Ok, so that was a failed experiment. Hated the feel of the sleep phones themselves.


Added a two hour silent track to the playlist for my work custom.

When I get home I will add some pink noise files to the playlist for my bedroom custom.

I will see if less listening actually accelerates benefit.


I have problems coming up that have nothing to do with subliminals, but at the end of the workday I feel pretty pissed off.

I need to go to the copy shop as my laser printer is malfunctioning. Will drive home after that.


Running three tracks of brown and pink noise adding up to three hours and 14 minutes. One hour long Sub.


Oh, fuck. Had the mp3 player set to repeat a single track. Got it set to repeat the playlist at about 4 am.


Checked the player at work and everything is set as it should be with one three hour silent track and my office custom. Should mean 1 to 2 listens to the custom per day.