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I like the idea of the Ultimas, but haven’t found the time to listen to one all the way through daily with headphones.

Have listened through the speakers on my Google Pixel, but at this point it seems pretty clear that has no effect, or if it does it is too minimal to notice. I have suspended such experiments.

I continue to listen to my Michael Norman NLP/Hypnosis track most nights. It seems to shift thought patterns, moods and feelings and reduces anxiety.


Custom is playing in office at the moment.


I will see if only listening a little bit is the panacea it is purported to be.

I wonder what effect going from self-brainwashing levels of listening to listening to a track maybe once or twice a day might have.

Does one essentially fuck up a title permanently by having listened to it so much, or can the practice of minimal listening resurrect its power?


Not much of anything to report after instituting my abbreviated listening plan. I only mention it because I see so many have very long reports after one listen to a title and that has never occured for me.


I will take a 10 day or so trip for Christmas and will likely not listen to any subs during that time period.


So at home I have the noise tracks mixed with the one masked custom track. Basically 1 hour out of 4 hours and 15 minutes is the subliminal. It just runs continuously and the noise sounds are different, byt I have yet to notice the subliminal playing though I know it must have.


Laying in bed awake at around 3:45 am and the subliminal in my bedroom kicks in.

At this point nothing really to add about results or insights.

I keep worrying that if limited listening is so important, then I may have essentially ruined my custom by having listened to it so much for six months. Probably 12 to 20 hours a day for most of that time.


Nothing to report at this point.


Will start a 10 day or so complete break from all subliminals on Saturday. Will even be in a completely different place than usual for those 10 days. Should be a pretty much complete hard reset.



Listening to my playlists and noting the subliminals coming up and it is pretty much once every four hours.

Thus far I notice nothing different in terms of effectiveness, but I have never responded in the way some seem to, where they listen once, have all kinds of amazing insights, and are ready to write some full scale review.


Will take a 10 day or so break from Subs over Christmas. Will even be in a completely different place.

This will provide me with as close to Tabula Rasa as I can probably get.


The pink noise in my bedroom is a roar. Yet I can sleep.


I’ve gotten compulsive about posting things on this discussion board. It is a weird way for me to think I am taking some kind of action, but in actuality it is completely pointless.

Trying to figure out why I keep posting even after reaching Arch Alchemist status. It is compulsive.


The thing I have most noticed since adopting the low loops listening plan is ramped up general sexual arousal.

I suppose that is coming from Sex Mastery and Primal.


Waking up with wood.


The main thing I’ve noticed in my five days of runnin my playlists so I only hear them maybe twice throughout the day is pretty much daily wood.

I will start a 9 or 10 day complete break from subliminals tomorrow as I will visit my mom for Christmas.


I think you’ll be really pleasantly surprised how strong some of the effects/results will be now that the loops are lowered.


Thanks, Azriel.

I had had results, but honestly they weren’t that impressive. I suppose a change in strategy was in order.

I guess I will start getting a sense of any results after taking my 9 or 10 day break from the Subs over Christmas. Should provide a fairly hard reset.


Yes my three days off I saw a lot of bloom.
First day off is always really tough for me.
These subs take a lot of processing, which can effect mental bandwidth- for me in awareness, and will power-even if my execution stays on point, my ability to set new direction and be decisive can suffer on recon, more rest time demonstrates an increase in both of all these factors positively for me.