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I guess when I have taken days off previously I hadn’t noticed much from it, but maybe at this point it will be different.

I am glad it is working well for you.


Please report back, I’ve tried following the stack rotation article from Saint and it caused me to stonewall or at least see nowhere the results that I usually saw. Previously, I’d do three loops at most a day (on a heavy day) and see results a week after. I always take weekends off, which have been giving me extreme blooms consistently, but currently, I’m not feeling like that at all.

My head is clear as day, whereas usually, I’d feel a lot of fog or processing going on. When I did 6 loops, I felt empty inside – my head was stuck thinking the same things, creative was reduced significantly like something was being processed. I’ve always had profound results sticking to a few loops a day, with as many breaks in between loops as I could afford. I’m slightly feeling things are turning sides but I cannot pinpoint exactly what’s going on. Oh well, the bloom I’ll be having after this overexposure has faded is going to be astronomical so I’m looking forward to it.

Let us know what happens during your subliminal flush, I’m fairly certain the scripts start to execute dramatically, especially after the third night.


So you went from 1-2 sub to 3 loops a day max
to 2 subs at 6 loops a day or 3 subs a 2 loops a day
or what specifically did you do that caused this?

Also you feel clearer with more loops and foggier with less-indicating processing?

I don’t mean to cross-examine–I’m just very curious on this myself so want to understanding exactly what your saying as I value your sense/understanding of these things greatly.


Since two or three weeks ago I started experimenting with some programs to gain additional insights for my upcoming Custom. Meaning, I added a few programs, detracted a few programs to my stack rotation, moreover I basically doubled the number of my usual loops. Did 6 loops one day and the second day after only 5 because I could already feel the overexposure sneaking up on me.

This has nothing to do with program density in my opinion, but about the amount of suggestion, you’re ingesting.

While I do feel somewhat bright and clear-headed this month it is affecting me emotionally more than ever. Not that I’m feeling bad or anything, because I banishing unpleasant emotions with as a result that I’m feeling just a little bit odd. I have no idea how to describe it – when it finally hit me on Friday, I got extreme imposter-syndrome, did a banishing ritual, and felt much better, all of that weirdness and anxiety got shaken off yet I was still not loaded with the creativity that I usually have. Of course, I cannot rid myself of the subliminal messages that I exposed myself to, however, I am able to cast away all the mental clutter and emotional turmoil caused by it. So imagine casting that away, but nothing of high frequency is allowed in because there is a barrier of mental suggestions in the way for spirit to come through.

I can only imagine the Bloom I’ll be experiencing on the second day (tomorrow), and the days to follow.

Usually, I can feel each Title process straight-away, hence why I’m able to pin-point effects so accurately. Pythagoras did make me kinda foggy after three loops or so, but that subliminal is literally focused on physical brain-enhancement, so it was very much expected.

The more I listen, the foggier I become until I hit some kind of barrier where all of that fog literally vanishes and becomes replaced with an emptiness; overexposure. It is like a defense mechanism from your brain and it is certainly not a way to gain additional results, lmfao.

I appreciate that @Azriel, same here, hence why I’m reflecting on this experience to gain some understanding and knowledge out of it. You can see a pattern going on with other users, at least those who are close to that barrier I formerly mentioned, they start to type really foggy, repeat many words due to a lack of creativity and thinking out of their current state of mind, or repeating words they read just a few minutes ago – also due to a lack of creativity. And do not get me wrong, I’m in no way criticizing that, I just noticed it with myself and found it an interesting correlation and I actually understand why that happens.

With all of that said, I’ve been massively productive after one loop of Executive Limitless the other day, I assume that was the last drop assuring my bucket to leap over.

Another reason I disagree with the stacking article so many people have been eagerly waiting for, there is literally NO WAY every user has the same mileage, not even considering the fact of other parameters like adding too many programs to your stack to quickly – which also causes overexposure because of the more your mind processes a script the easier it becomes. Instead of giving a set amount of loops, it would be more appropriate to give a certain set of instructions to detract the number of loops optimal for each user and calculating a stack rotation in regards to that (in my opinion).


Yes there has to be a balance between input and output. I’ve noticed too much input and processing has my awareness, creativity and will power take a huge hit. Never my execution will power for pre-structured commitments but will power for decisiveness and new engagement

Yes! I have the same-it reaches a point of emptiness

Yes, I noticed this with myself yesterday, I just didn’t want to do anything but get on the Forum and express my internal state. Likely recon. I also notice if my posting are to similar in content over a period of weeks, I may be in recon. It also could just be the flow gradual improvement as I work through an ongoing challenge-juries still out- @Hermit -you can always point it out to me if you notice it :wink:

It will likely become more refined with time. It does seem a few people can quite successfully use high volume, and other cannot. Even though were all human, the structural, neurological, and energetic idiosyncrasies of us make us likely to receive and process things differently. Some people could process so well they can do high volume, other process so badly they need high volume. Other process so well they can use a little and get great mileage, while others process so well the recon is stronger so they use less …etc. The average still seems to be 2-4 loops top in total volume.


12 hours into hard reset with no subliminals played at all.

Nothing to report at this point.


Terrible sleep. I miss the variants of white noise I use at home.


Visiting my mom for Christmas. Mostly downtime.


Reading this.


Continuing my break from subliminals. Sleep continues to be poor. That has as much to do with an uncomfortable bed as anything.


I hope your sleep gets better. Some times for me taking more than 3 days off of subs helps with my sleep too.


Thanks. I continue on with my Subliminal break.



4 days in.


That’s discipline dude! The mandatory weekend breaks are difficult because I want to listen to subliminals.


It makes it easier not to listen considering I am at my mom’s house visiting her for 10 days and would need to run from my phone or computer, rather than my usual set ups. Six days in with absolutely zero running of subs.

The number of days for the break is simply a matter of how many days I will have been here, so it is a bit arbitrary.

I don’t have any great revelations to make thus far, but my sleep has been poor, which could be completely attributed to a different sleeping arrangement than I am used to.


Keep us posted on your rest days! You might have some breakthroughs!


So as of 10 am tomorrow I will have completed a full seven days without listening to any subs, Ultimas or hypnosis tracks.


I’m following suit and will also be taking a 10-day Bloom Break (mine’s from January 1 to 10).


Thank you for posting this. I just had a deeper look and find his energy to be good.