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Letting Rebirth Ultima run into a second loop.


Running Rebirth Ultima at just past 5 pm.


Running Rebirth Ultima @ 10:45 pm.


I am finding myself optimistic and reflective.


Running Rebirth Ultima 1:05 through Tin Audio T2 IEMs.

My Q custom is running from a Sandisk mp3 player and Logitech computer speakers using “set it and forget it”.


Rebirth seems ideal to run with my Q custom. I have run it several times, but am not quite sure yet what effect it is having on me, but the idea of a radical break and transformation is appealing.


12:20 am. Running Rebirth Ultima.

Also pondering running one of Mark Cunningham’s tracks from “Personal Ecology for Men” on a daily basis.


Ran Rebirth Ultima for about 25 minutes starting around noon.


Not sure what to say as to results from my new Q custom or from running Rebirth Ultima once or twice a day.

I am interacting with people face to face so little right now.

I have been feeling some optimism.


I have an ex girlfriend I have been texting with. Mostly superficial. I was wondering what her angle was.

Today she revealed she is getting a divorce. No surprise.


Running my custom in ultrasonic under Spotify using Musicolet from my phone through IEMs.


Running Rebirth Ultima 12:15 am.


Running Rebirth Ultima @ 5:30 am.


Getting little uncomfortable insights into my life periodically.


Running Rebirth Ultima @ 4:30 pm.


Running Rebirth Ultima @ 11:15 pm.


Ran Rebirth Ultima @ 3:30 pm.


Running Rebirth Ultima @ 10:30 while putting together my second Q Custom in the Q Store.

Ran it from my laptop through my Sennheiser HD-580 headphones.


I had a dream in which I helped people to set up scenarios for death as their lives had become so meaningless. There was something about people enjoying carrying the scenarios out but stopping before the point at which they would actually die. It is a liittle bit unclear as I now try to recall.

It was a very weird and sad dream.

I guess there is a symbolic death before a rebirth.


Running Rebirth Ultima @ 5:25 am.

Alpha & Delta D6 IEM from Ipod Classic.