Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)


Both of Aidan Wachter’s books are great. He seems very grounded and has his own ideas.


Still going til late afternoon tomorrow.


So basically I will get back home tomorrow, Dec. 28th after a 9 day sub break and then be away again from Dec. 31 midday until the afternoon on Sunday, the 3rd of Jan. So will be taking another complete three day break from subs at that point.

Will listen to a few loops between the afternoon of the 28th until the morning of the 31st.


I keep wondering if the sub listening process could be to let a single track run once every day for five days every week, maybe upon waking, through speakers, and no more than that.


Ok, so read some support materials and maybe one loop a day will not be enough with Q.


Trying to decide whether to continue with my custom in a playlist with 4+ hours of white noise tracks as set it and forget it or be more deliberate about starting a track at various times during the day and letting it play through on speakers.



9 day subliminal break will end today. At this point I don’t have anything, really, to report about it, but spent 9 days around few people.


Back home, running my playlist that combines 4 hours of white noise with one custom track.



My custom track just played. First time since morning of Dec. 19.


Running hypnosis track for first time since Dec. 17th.


A thing I got into at one point was playing mantras at low volume in my home 24 hours a day.


I think @SaintSovereign has cautioned about people using hypnosis as they are running subliminals. How do you think the hypnosis is effecting you?


Researching “Afformations” and mirror work.


Please keep us posted… especially on mirror work.


Continuing with new listening pattern. Stuck in house due to inclement weather. 8" of snow falling.


Don’t forget the the thing with Q isn’t to to stay at 1-2 loops, it’s to increase as you see fit and eventually build up. You seem pretty experienced with subs as I’ve seen you around often and you were here before me so I’m sure you can handle more loops.

I’m doing quite a few on Q technology, 6 of each sub I’m running and I’m running two at the moment.

A few others are doing more or even set and forget.


Yes, I have done set and forget since Aug. of '18 and have seen some results, but honestly, they have fallen short of expectations, so I have decided to shift gears and cut the number of loops way down to see if how that might shift things.

Right now at home I have my main custom running and it is in a playlist with 4 hours of white noise tracks. So it plays once every 5 hours. That ran for about a week then I took a 9 day break from all subs as I was traveling. Back as of yesterday and running subs as normal.

Will take another full break from subs from Thursday mid morning until Sunday mid afternoon as I will be traveling again over the new year.


I’m sure this will work out for you, and possibly once you get re-used to Q subs you can go for a higher number of loops again. You’ve got this man.

This is a great way to run things, I hope it works out well for you and that you continue to see the results you want and deserve.