Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)


I played my custom at home for 5 months, so it will be interesting to see how 5 months of saturation shows itself as I listen less.


I’m interested to read about it and see your insights too. I’ll be keeping an eye on your journal most definitely as I’d love to know how you adjust to your change of loops now.


I am hoping using the white noise and the track playing once every 5 hours works.


I’ve got a feeling it’ll definitely work man, people have been getting great results like this too I believe.


Isn’t technology great?!


Yes. I’ve got four different white noise tracks running and then the custom masked track.

The various flavors of white noise are interesting.


Two dreams. One involving a contemporary political figure who visited my local area and was given some memorabilia collected by an unnamed relative of hers while she was in the same area.

There was a strong theme of collecting memorabilia and using it to reveal details of a life through reserach.

This got to be pretty complex and their were questions about the the character of her parents and grandparents, that she was reticent to accept.

It felt like I was watching a famous tv show, at least in the dream world.

The second, I am driving co workers to a meeting and I accidently run a stop sign and am stopped by a mean cop who gives me a ticket and is very unpleasant about it.


Will start another shorter break from subliminals today, that will last until Sunday, the third of January.


Break from subs continues from noon yesterday.


Tried out some exercises from John Amaral dealing with energy after seeing him on Goop.


Continuing on.


Ran through this free intro to energy work this weekend. Was a good experience.



How are your rest days going?


Not sure I have anything out of the ordinary to report.


Back at home and into the playlist as of 4:45 pm.


I have done a fair bit of mantra meditation practice over the years mostly using this Ganesh mantra - Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha.

Thinking about setting up a structured daily practice of mantra meditation while listening to one of the Ultimas through in ear monitors.

I remember reading in Glen Morris’s “Path Notes of an American Ninja Master” how he liked to do Chi Kung while listening to subliminals through headphones.


First day back at work since Dec. 18. Listening to my playlist that includes 4 hours of silence and my one hour work custom for the first time since Friday, Aug. 18. 17 day break from that sub.


It is impossible for me to know with the ultrasonic whether I am listening to it or the 4 hour silent track. I am not sure if that makes any difference positive or negative.

With the masked custom at home I can tell when it is playing as the white noise tracks I have are slightly different in both frequencies emphasized and volume.


I prefer the masked.


Yes, I like masked more, too. It is easy to know if your playlist is still playing, as opposed to ultrasonic.

With my new system of having only one subliminal and several other white noise tracks in the playlist there is variation in sound from track to track that I have accepted.