Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)


In a couple of days I will have reached six months of listening to my home custom subliminal. I started it on July 8th.


:champagne:Congratulations on your commitment to yourself!


Ok. Thanks.


When I last checked my ultrasonic playlist at work in was on “pause” and not playing. Not sure how that happened, but I must have somehow paused it.

Back in “play” mode.


I wasn’t going to buy anything in the near future but I am really tempted by the new physical healing ultra through headphones as a backdrop for mantra meditation.

May, for the time being, try Elixir instead.


Listening to Elixir Ultima through some shitty bluetooth headphones to do mantra meditation.

I have much better wired headphones but adapters have quit working with my Google Pixel phone.


10 minutes of meditation tonight = 10 minutes of Elixir.


…wondering about effects from only listening to part of a Ultima rather be than the entire 60 min.


I’ve been tempted to do 30 minutes of Ultima instead of the usual 60 minutes.


When I meditate I may only do 10 or 15.


I plan to start listening to this tonight.


Listened to part of the Silva program.

Played Elixir Ultima for the full hour through shitty bluetooth earbuds. Spent part of that time doing mantra meditation.


Listening to Elixir Ultima. Also engaged in mantra repetition.


So a goal with Elixir is to eliminate or significantly reduce the pain and weakness I have in my right knee.


The mantra I repeat is

Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha


My ultrasonic office custom runs along with 4 hours of silence in a playlist. I am figuring I hear it once or twice a day while at work. I am in my office generally five days a week.

The main cores in this custom are Stark, Primal Seduction and Ultimate Artist.

I have been listening to this since July 31st of 2020 and recently have massively scaled back my listening time.


It would seem to me that no matter how many titles you are running each one contains the standard script and whatever core ideas are contained with in this should get very strongly conditioned into the self.


I am really feeling a need to get back to a keto diet. Do I possess the will to do so?


Elixir + mantra


any reason in particular Elixir over Paragon Ultima?
I have heard and experienced good things with regard to Elixir and physical healing,
although Paragon seems more laser for physical issues.