Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)


The only reason is that I have not purchased Paragon. Trying to work with the titles I already have.

I haven’t purchased anything since this summer when I put together customs.


Running Elixir.


Ran Beyond Limitless from my ipod through my Alpha & Delta D6 IEMs. I need to get Elixir onto my Ipod.



9:50 Rebirth Ultima


Back in the office. Playlist with 4 hours of silence + custom with cores of Stark, Primal Seduction, Ultimate Artist.


Trying to figure out, what, if any, effect my radical reduction in # of loops each day has had.


Putting Elixir onto my Ipod.


Also added Commander, Executive and Libertine.


Running Elixir from the Ipod through my Alpha & Omega IEMs.

I don’t have Paragon and am wondering how much better people have found it for physical healing?


I also have a custom with Emp4, Spartan and Survival Initiative as the main cores. I know this has healing incorporated. I am exposed to this anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes per day as it is near my workout area and where I take a shower in the morning.


Ok, so if I am remembering right it is just one time a day for an Ultima?


Dream tonight:

I was with my mom at a place like Walmart. My mom saw an ex girlfriend of mine who seemed to have fallen on very hard times to the point of being disheveled and outwardly appearing very sick.

Despite this my mom wondered why I didn’t get back together with this woman, who seemed to be ashamed to be seen by me.


Not really sure what to say about my new regimen of heavily spaced subs and Elixir. Nothing particularly noticeable more than a week after returning from my subliminal break.

I am back at work though seeing few people. Things should accelerate quite a bit in a couple of weeks as far as activity.


So my strategy has been to have different customs in my home, workout area and work office. Until about a month ago, my strategy was set it and forget it. This shifted to playlists with more empty tracks than subliminals. I also took a break of approximately 10 days.

The home custom has gotten by far the most play and has been running for just over six months. The workout and office subs have been running for about two weeks short of six months.

At this point it is difficult to quantify results, but it feels like this particular strategy has been to a great extent unsuccessful and I feel like I need to take a new tack.


I might continue with the most basic of my three customs and just run it in all three of the places I run subs.

I am pretty sure I will not create a new custom sub.

I am also considering running Dragon Reborn for as long as seems necessary and running its ultima at night through headphones.


Please keep us posted on this!


Well, it is only something I am pondering.

Right now I am running Elixir.


Thanks for clarifying. If you do run DR Ultima, please make sure you report. That program is a bit of a mystery at this point, as I don’t know if many people (or anyone) is running it regularly.


Well, sure, but first I need to decide if I will buy it.

Hadn’t bought anything new since my customs in July and had pledged to do six months with those which I’ve essentially done.