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Feeling a strong optimism that seems disconnected from external circumstance.


Running [email protected]:00 pm


I’ve never revealed this before here, but in 2008 I was diagnosed with OCD, but it isn’t the type that causes you to wash your hands over and over, but to obsessively think certain thoughts. They get stuck and take over.

I can be a bit of a completist and I also feel like things must play out in a certain way or I am frustrated. I find when I get a certain idea in my head it can be nearly impossible to shift away.

I have found myself obsessively posting here and there is a kind of completist urge that I have. It is also about accumulating or building or documenting.

It is really not, for the most part, motivated by any desire to interact with or communicate to others.

I find it tiresome when people who obviously are not afflicted with OCD say they are after I have revealed my affliction to them. I am pretty sure they don’t get it.


I am not sure how subliminals might shift or work upon OCD but I am not sure at this point if they can have much effect at all, which is not a knock on Sub Club or subliminals in general, but just an observation.

I am trying to see if the Productivity Unleashed module may have an effect.


Feeling an uncharacteristic lightness and optimism this morning.

Continue with my first custom and Rebirth.

I feel like something is shifting. I can find it difficult to parse and describe the specifics.


Rebirth @ 3:40 pm.


I would say I have a greater sense of being in the moment since starting to listen to my Q custom.

Ego Adsum seems like a crucial module to me.


Rebirth @ 11:40 pm


Just got this up and running in my office. Ultrasonic.

Primal Seduction
Ultimate Artist
Debt Annihilator
Productivity Unleashed
Blue Skies
I Am
New Beginnings
Ego Adsum
Lion IV

Should also mention that I’ve got the Aegis Covid 19 sub as the other half of this playlist.


This new custom was ready, too, and I will get it set up in my basement next to my workout area in masked format.

Emperor Fitness ST4
Survival Instinct
Debt Annihilator
Productivity Unleashed
Blue Skies
I Am
New Beginnings
Lion IV
Ego Adsum


Thanks, I guess I’ll see what comes up.


I’ll have three subs running in different places, all with focus on bringing healing and balance to the areas of my life represented by those places.


Running Rebirth Ultima @4:45 pm.


Getting ready to set up my new q custom on set it and forget it in the basement.


At the moment I feel like I am in some pleasant Limbo; a calm before the storm in this case.


I don’t normally listen to ultrasonics through headphones, but tonight I ran the ultrasonic of my new custom that is focused around Stark, Primal Seduction and Ultimate Artist as I had a zoom convo with an attractive woman I met online who is significantly younger than me and seemingly way into me. Maybe a little too way into me.

We’ll see how that plays out.

Felt like the world was a bit brighter than usual as I assessed how I felt afterwards.


Had a very strange, ghoulish and disturbing dream about preserving corpses for entertainment displays in the 1910s and 20s. Very unsettling. Seemed to go on a very long time.

I did start two new customs and often have heightened dream activity when starting new subliminals.


Slept well, other than disturbing dream, and feel an energetic charge in my body this morning.


Keep having flashes of insight about issues in my life.


Running Rebirth @ 4 pm