Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)



Listening to my custom sub playing through speakers in my workout area. It is focused around Spartan, Emperor Fitness ST4, and Survival Instinct.


Listening to Sanguine Ultra @ 10:15.

Watching a youtube video of a conversation between Arash Dibizar and Hypnotica.


I like Hypnotica a lot. Arash I am not as familiar with and am not quite sure how to take.

I was listening because Vince Kelvin, Dibizar and Hypnotica are doing an online hypnosis workshoo next weekend that looked kind of interesting and was relatively inexpensive.

Interested mainly for Hypnotica. I am not sure how big a role he will play.


Ran Sanguine Ultima from my phone through its tiny speaker as an experiment. At the very least it seemed to help me achieve deep uninterrupted sleep.


I’ve been pondering the existential horror of being alive and conscious.

Being alive and moving through this world is a frightening prospect.


Well, I decided to do the livestreamed “Hypnotic Identity” workshop.

I am hoping it ends up being compelling and useful.

I will be watching this during a weekend trip, and will be taking a break from my subs during that trip.


Running Sanguine Ultra @11:15 pm.


I ran Sanguine Ultima from my phone speaker. I found it to have a calming and evening effect throughout the day, or at least that was my perception. Obviously not any sort of special speakers unless google squeezed some tiny experimental audiophile speakers into the Google Pixel 2xl.


I am noticing a recent massive anxiety that waxes and wanes and has seemed to trigger a “just rightness” quality of ocd that seems recently more extreme.

There was a trigger for this but I have been surprised at how extreme the response has been.

I’ve got three customs playing in different locations and healing is a theme for all of them.

I have noticed that Sanguine Ultima seems to soothe these feelings somewhat, but overall the last 2.5 days have been very uncomfortable.


This looks intriguing.


Maybe Sanguine through tiny speakers is not working, at least tonight. I can’t sleep and I am getting pissed off by inane requests made in my journal thread.

I don’t understand people who are really interested in having you do some double blind study for them with your subs and set-up.

I have had more than one person ask me to do such things and they are usually somebody who briefly posts a whole bunch, but never seems to buy and run their own subliminals.

I don’t know why they can’t get their own subliminals and do whatever they think is worth doing with them. Irritating as fuck.


Had about a 2.5 hour period from 1:30 to 4 in which I could not sleep at all. This morning I am very tired.


I have felt really bad since I had an experience that has triggered a great deal of anxiety and restlessness that on some level seems to have challenged my fundamental comfort within my own skin and ability to relax.


Spending about an hour in my basement working out and listening to my custom featuring EmpST4, Spartan and Survival Initiative.


Continuing to run main subs as "set it and forget it’.


I have been feeling a shit ton of anxiety lately. There were two triggering events, but it is still unsettling. It has also ramped up my OCD.

There is a certain kind of “just right” OCD related anxiety that I do not think I have ever felt more strongly. Related to that I felt the strongest continuous levels of anxiety I have felt in an extremely long time starting late Friday and sustaining itself throughout the day on Saturday.

I found Sanguine Ultima to have some effect on the anxiety though it was no panacea or magic bill, but it helped.

I am not sure how this might be affected by my customs.


Exercising in my basement. My Q custom is running next to me. Emperor ST4, Spartan, Survival Initiative + healing modules.


So I have three subs running in three places. They all are built on the same healing modules with different sets of main cores.

On the main floor of my home it is Ascension, Primal and Sex Mastery.

In the basement where I work out it is Emperor Fitness ST4, Spartan and Survival Initiative.

At work, playing ultrasonically it is Stark, Primal Seduction and Ultimate Artist.


I guess that despite its proximity to the equator, and because of its altitude, Bogota is pretty temperate.