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Hey! cool custom. It’s good to see another user is creating a custom that focuses on stuff of this nature.

Any reason you didn’t max out the module count? Was it for fast results?

It also looks like while you planned to run this custom by itself for a few months, you have already gotten other customs. What changes do you want to see in yourself by (Date X)? That should be a guiding question for what topics to focus on.


No, I always planned to have three different subs built for the needs of three different locations.

These are going to go for a long time, but who knows how long?


I have arranged to watch a livestream of a workshop featuring Hypnotica this Saturday and Sunday.


Will travel this evening and visit my cousins in a larger city. The plan is to watch a hypnosis workshop that features Hypnotica.

We also plan to check out a local Peruvian restaurant.


Vince Kelvin is a hypnotist, and has been doing it a long time. I have listened to some of his recorded sessions. I don’t know much about Arash Dipizar.

I am most excited at seeing what Hypnotica will present and how useful it might end up being.


So as of 4:30 today (Friday), I will be taking a break from all subs as I take a trip and watch a livestreamed hypnosis workshop. I will get back to to my subliminals at approximately 7:30 pm on Sunday night.


At the moment I am at my office listening to my custom sub that is focused around Primal Seduction, Stark and Ultimate Artist.


Partaking of my sub break. Awaiting the Hypnotic Identity seminar tomorrow.


Watching the Hypnotic Identity Zoom. Some decent ideas about identity. A lot of rambling. A bit self indulgent.

No hypnosis yet 2.5 hours in. No Hypnotica yet.


Giving some thought to Coryy Skyy’s mirror affirmations. Trying to find the protocol for this but conceptually seems like a compelling idea.


Sometimes you see someone doing a workshop and you wonder how much thought they have given to efficiently and effectively creating the effect they claim to want to create for their audience.


Vince Kelvin ranting. Hypnotica is on @6:15, supposedly.


So Hypnotica comes on and says, “So what are we doing here?”

The whole thing has been pretty seat of the pants.


I checked out that link
I really like Hypnotica, his products work, what he says has value, and he seems to care about real integrity and other people as much or more than a profit—I looked into that other guy AZD, and was not sure what to make, I get a bad vibe from him (I’ve been running PCC too) do you find his stuff valuable?

Curious to hear how Hypnoticas part was at the event.


Hypnotica showed up and wove a 30 + minute trance that was absolutely brilliant and then as he rose out of it and took questions he was still weaving conversationally in response to questions the participants had.

Absolutely first rate. Masterful.


Hypnotica is still speaking right now.

AZD is by far the least compelling of the three, while Hypnotica is by far the most compelling.


He dives deep, comes back up, dives again.


I think both Vince Kelvin and Arash Dipizar are both supposed to speak again. Hopefully they will raise their respective games in response to Hypnotica.

Hypnotica sets a far higher bar, and was brilliant, but one does not get the sense that much planning was done for the event overall.

Personally, I think the event would be most useful if it were just Hypnotica. The other two have taken up a lot of time and added minimal value.


Second day of the workshop starts tonight at 9 pm my time and goes until 1:30 am.

The whole thing was so unprofessionally done that they had not even scheduled when Hypnotica would appear and they were negotiating at the end of the zoom call. Vince told Hypnotica that he would need to schedule around Arash Dipizar’s appearance @ 9 pm.

Honestly, if I were Vince I would cut Dipizar completely and give the rest of the night to Hypnotica with Vince simply functioning to minimally provide intros and outros in the zoom call to keep the show running.


Back to subs. They are playing in background now. I took a break from 4:30 on Friday till about 6:30 tonight.