Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)


Took my time off, and I know others claim they see big shifts or jumps from taking a break.

I can’t notice much yet, but am glad to be back listening.


I had “vacuum cupping” done Saturday morning by a chiropractor. Kind of interesting.


Went to bed and had the zoom call going. Fell asleep during the Dibizar segment, but then woke up to see Hypnotica presenting and watched the rest of the way through.

Unless I missed it while I was sleeping it appears that Hypnotica did not do a hypnotic induction on the second day, but rather discussed aspects of identity, which I found clearer and more focused than the presentations I saw from Dibizar and Vince.


Listened to a hypnosis track last night and played Sanguine Ultima underneath it.

Obviously I have my sub playlists going on set it and forget it all the time.


I am back in my workplace with coworkers after 5 months and I am noticing a greater ease with them, at least thus far.


Congratulations on getting back. For me, it will be much longer before I’m back at the office. How is it that the place is able to be open despite COVID?


I am not in favor of being back nor did I make the decision, but here I am.

In my state many things are open and many people refuse to wear masks.

This is a mostly rural state and that apparently mitigates somewhat the stupidity of our political leaders and of many of our citizens, in that it seems to make the spread of the virus somewhat less prevalent, though still a serious problem.

If it were up to me I would continue working from home.


Continuing to listen to Sanguine Ultima under hypnosis tracks just before bed.


Listening to my workout area custom containing Survival Instinct, Spartan and Emperor Fitness ST4 at the moment.


In office and running Q sub focused around Stark, Primal Seduction and Ultimate Artist.


This and the sub I have running in my workout area and bedroom have very similar or identical support modules focused on healing with different core modules.

Sex Mastery

Workout area
Emperor ST4
Survival Initiative

Primal Seduction
Ultimate Artist


Listened to the second track of Major Mark’s Personal Ecology for Men.

Will listen again tonight.




Hey, I see you were running a lot of Ultima supporter. What difference did you feel while running Rebirtg Ultima, Vs. Sanguine Vs. No Ultima title at all?

Did you try Limit Destroyer Ultima?


I played Limit Destroyer Ultima maybe three times.

I think I felt better and more optimistic at least some of the times after listening to Ultima tracks.

For the moment I am only listening to them on my laptop where it is easier for me to control their volume underneath another audio source.

The last two nights I have run hypnosis tracks from an mp3 player and could not play an Ultima underneath.


Ran the 2nd track of Personal Ecology for Men last night.

I plan to run this for at least 21 days straight.


I have been running my first custom on the main floor of my house for 30 days now.

My first custom was just Ascension, Primal and Sex Mastery X, which seem to me to be the most obvious base subs that everything else could be an extrapolation from, and then the main 5 healing modules of I Am, Blue Skies, New Directions, Februus, and Ares. To top it off, Ego Adsum as a reminder to be and stay in the now, and Lion IV as an evolving conduit for masculine power.

That was 10 slots. Relatively small main programs and then the minimum effective dose as far as the other modules go.


I have an evolving sense of not being willing to take shit from people.


I’d like to create a custom with ultimate writer and ultimate music producer but will wait until an ultimate visual artist title arrives as that is exceedingly important to me, too.