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Listened to Personal Ecology for Men tonight. Obviously have a full slate of subs running, too.


Running my custom that features Stark, Primal Seduction and Ultimate Artist in my office.


Did a bunch of presenting to groups today.
Very fluid, smooth and authoritative. The last presentation, late in the day, and after 5 hours was probably the best.

Just not sure what to give credit to, Stark, Primal Seduction, synergy?!?!


Personal Ecology is a subliminal or a hypnosis track?


PEFM is a hypnosis track recorded by Mark Cunningham. I have listened to it off and on since 2004. I got it just before I went to Mark’s July 2004 seminar in Montreal.


cool, I’ll look into it,
I won’t mess with adding any non-subclub subs right now
but a little hypnosis here and there shouldn’t be an issue.


Right. I only listen to subliminals from Sub Club but I do listen to hypnosis tracks from Major Mark, Igor Ledochowski or Hypnotica.


My favorite way to listen is to use my laptop so I can have more than one source but control the volume on both.

I have been running Sanguine pretty much under anything I have going on the laptop at low volume through headphones.


Makes sense, conscious input we get all day long,
might as well pick what we want.
It’s just like doing a guided visualization/meditation.

where as I would not want to mix stuff that I can’t see/hear under the hood.


Yeah, I have zero interest in listening to other subliminals but I like listening to hypnosis from Mark Cunningham or Igor Ledochowski or Hypnotica.


Ran PEFM, again.


Cranked Sanguine Ultima through my phone speaker and slept straight through pretty much from 11 pm to 6:45. I was completely exhausted but sleeping that long without disruption is very rare for me.

I am not sure, though, that I feel refreshed from my sleep.

I had tried this also several days ago, but I found myself quite agitated, which was relieved when I shut down Sanguine Ultima, so who can explain it? Very different results from the same stimulus.


I keep coming back to the pain and meaninglesness of this world.

Nothing alleviates that.



Cranking Sanguine.


Running Sanguine Ultima through my Google Pixel’s speaker seems to benefit sleep; however, in contrast to that, one night I found it seemed agitating. There may have been other factors in play that night.


It is interesting to think about needing to be nice to everyone and what a fucking drag that it.

I am noticing less of a desire to be that nice guy and seeing more strategic ways not to be that and call out the bullshit games others are playing.

I have a been dealing with self important douchebags who are tech illiterate and need all kinds of hand holding while also expecting deference, combined with a clueless dope in the middle who promises them everything they want and just passes them down the line to me.


Just ran Personal Ecology for Men.


People are often not thrilled when you have a breakthrough.


I find it interesting at work that there is the phenomenon where everyone is supposed to act like what we as a group are doing is so fucking important and everyone is such a hero of teamwork and help and sacrifice towards this amazing goal that isn’t really all that well defined, but despite that, wow, we are mostly killing it despite lack of support and our limited resources.


And teamwork that mostly likely serves one or two individuasl further down the line…