Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


I was totally making a bad joke,

of course its defense :slight_smile:


But I think your right-some kind of transmutation perhaps-very cool


The module artwork of STE shows that @SaintSovereign with his bionic arm will holding up the shield of @Fire to protect the genius child, who represents your subconscious, from the external environment.

Also, Ste is an abbreviation for “Saint” in French.




Dude, that is fucking genius
well deduced.


The fact that tomorrow will be the 15th instead of the 16th is a real pain…


With all the time dilation and productivity I have going on days feel like years lol


8.16.2020 has begun.

Somewhere on the planet.



yepp!! I am 5 mins into 8.1.2020 already…6 mins now


@mecharc - we do have to take into consideration American time too. Which takes another 12 hours to become Sunday.


@raphael been a while!!


@mecharc - hey man. Am around the forum. Just not journaling for a while. But soon.


Just visualizing the moment I hit submit in the Q store…:stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm it makes me think of protecting an inner child.


I’m assuming something to do with strength



These modules are really out of this world.


Dream Traveller :+1:t2:


I was about to post the same! @Simon


Modules will be ready to go around midnight, EST. :wink: