Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


So…9PM PST Today? :slight_smile:


How mny hours from now?


T-4 Hours :sunglasses:


3 hours… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Waiting for those new here, I am still thinking about my Stark+HOM+SS custom which I would like to run :thinking:


Early new modules! :grinning:


Does StrQ supersede PoMaQ or is PoMaQ still more effective for the single problem it handles vs StrQ? Guessing PoMaQ still wins in that aspect.


rofl. Ya’ll are too much. I forgot to disable them in the backend until midnight. Screw it, I’m just gonna turn 'em all on. :stuck_out_tongue:



Bring it on!


DUDE! This is like Christmas here… :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I already see some amazing ones that I must have.


Great stuff, I can see some of these new modules are very specific and maybe something I could use in future customs.

proceeds to refresh site as the modules aren’t showing up all at once


“Virtuoso di Matematica”

Ooh. (Good) Will Hunting dreams coming true.


Apollon vs. Physicality Shifter?

These focus on the same thing—which one is better? @SaintSovereign you have legitimately made me confused here :smiley:

Wondering if the hair experiment worked out…


Asclepius - A module specifically designed around healing yourself, be it from physical injuries or illnesses, and building up your health. Asclepius will help you recover faster and better, while working on improving your health and immune system. Keep in mind physical shifting takes time that can range from days, weeks, months.

WOAH. Perfect for a physical healing custom


14 awesome new modules sweet


So much choices, there were already too much :sob::sob:

Annnd thank you!


@SaintSovereign - is Asclepius the module that helped in the migraine test?


The art for the new modules gets me thinking about the series of videos M83 made for Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.


I am figuring “Asclepius” is derived from work done in developing the two Aegis titles?


@dorfmeister - yes. With a bit of Emperor Fitness ST1 in it too, am guessing.