Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


We’ll be adding a module for music production and one for writing in the morning. Worn out for now. If you’re interested in either of those disciplines, you will LOVE these modules. I personally tested them myself and they’re excellent.


@SaintSovereign - looking forward to the writing module. Thank you!

Any plans for making it a separate subliminal title like Ultimate Artist?


Physicality Shifter includes everything, meaning facial features and the whole body, even such aspects such as the voice, and is fully focused on sexuality/sensuality physical shifting.

Apollon is from a viewpoint of a… sculptor, so to say. It is about symmetry, aesthetics and is fully focused on pure physical shifting. Furthermore, it is perfect for those who have been desiring specific modules that are not the true focus of Facial Morphing such as modules for hair, hips, legs etc.

Of course, some desired physical features will overlap, because some of them will look the most aesthetic and symmetrical at their sexiest. Some won’t, or you would have some other preference/desired look, or wanted a purer focus on physical shifting. That’s where Apollon steps in.


Yes, an Ultima. You’ll run it before writing, or use it for multiple loops for long-term programming.


Thanks for this!

But stuff like even hair is mentioned in Physicality Shifter! I am just not sure about the gap that Apollon fills that Physicality Shifter doesn’t. For example, hair straightening?..


You’ll have more freedom using Apollon, if you don’t want the sexual lean.

It is a similar concept to Facial Morphing.


Are there more coming or is what in the store the full pack?


Sorry I accidentally rushed your launch schedule, I just saw the new modules category and got excited. :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:


Okay, so is it correct to say that if someone had the combo of

  • Facial Morphing
  • Physicality Shifter
  • Apollon

Apollon can be dropped altogether?


Do you want your features to develop in a more sexual lean? Then use Physicality Shifter.

Do you not care about that as much, but want to affect your features in a specific way, or in a sense of more classical beauty? Use Apollon.


I’m adding a module to enhance music production and one to enhance your writing capabilities in the morning. Worn out right now, and adding modules to Q isn’t the easiest, lol.


The link is here, for those who didn’t see: https://q.subliminalclub.com/product-category/new-modules/


I can wait for the writing one. Then may shuffle two customs around.


@SaintSovereign - that would be perfect since i want to master both writing and writing code. Thanks a lot!


I have physical shifter , and it’s great,
would it be counterproductive to add Apollon in another custom I’m stacking
to develop more confidence in my body, work on specific features, and further create symmetry.


From what I remember reading
That was an Ultima,
I believe the Ultima version of Beast Within/Unleashed will have a healing component, not sure if the current one’s do.


the description for traiblazer is

“By adding Trailblazer to your custom subliminal, you will create a powerful push towards…”

I can’t tell if that’s complete or we feel in the blank with whatever were trailblazing lol :joy:


Careful planning, organization and management in a profoundly calculating manner was in ancient history considered one of the most effective ways of achieving success… seen in such individuals history remembers even now – like the great military genius Cao Cao who was honoured on the levels of emperors without being one officially. Mastermind will help you plan grand plans that will help you achieve your goals with utmost creativity and rapid efficiency

This guy was the real deal…Though his rival’s advisor Zhuge Liang was much smarter than him and up till today is much more known for his intellect, Zhuge Liang was more of a strategist and not so much an executor.

I guess this is already in House of Medici?

Anyway, the artwork for Master Mind reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera…


Oh my goodness!

This is going to be something else!


Awesome. That’s totally clear.

It has to do with the mindset and motivation of the listener. Choose the program that fits with yours.

Thank you, @Fire!