Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


I’m pretty sure this Is what some have been waiting for.



Will these modules work faster if you stare at a photo of the person of your desired look and imagine yourself looking like that person every night?


Theoretically, yes.


Did the hair experiment go anywhere @SaintSovereign?


For the sake of your mental health, I’d recommend a balanced approach.

Put the picture(s) up somewhere where you’ll see them regularly, and they’ll become just part of your mental environment. Don’t strain yourself trying to force it into your brain. Instead, whenever you look at it, just remember how much you like that look, and if you’re up for it, you can think something like ‘Thank you!’. Feel grateful for the beauty of it, and feel grateful that it’s becoming a part of you.

And then the best step. Forget about it. Not in the sense of rejecting it. But the same way that we all somehow forget about the Sun everyday. (freaking weird, but we manage it). In other words, just allow that ideal you’re internalizing to be there as a natural part of your world. Check in with it periodically with energy and gratitude. Then keep it moving.

This way is gentler. The other intense way works too, but tends to come with a lot more peaks and crashes, mental hangovers, and such. But some people prefer that and it works well for them. So, be free.


Not yet. Lots of things coming soon. We’re just exceptionally busy right now.


To improve one’s Will, is it a good idea to stack Stronger with Divine Will? Even if one is not battling any addictions?

Does The Oath only work for healthcare professionals in traditional medicine, or also for energy workers, naturopaths, acupuncturist, chiropractors, etc?

Transcendental Connection can be used to creating sexual relationships… right?



The Flow and Dream Traveller as part of the spiritual/Internal Development custom.

Picture it!


Man, these are some really beautiful modules, guys!


Being able to support your family in this way.

A real dream.


I would hope there’s also scripting in DynQ for other family members to respect one’s own life choices.


I was thinking the same thing! I love the family theme lately, and the obvious HoM components. And of course the artwork is spectacular, kudos to your designer/artist if they are customs!


Yes, am wondering how House of Medici and Dynasty affects our family members when we listen to it. Is a change in us affecting a change in them? Our external world reflecting our internal one?


The Spotlight module could that help with marketing a business or product online?


I believe dynasty, marketweaver, mastermind, transcendental connection, and possibly viruosa de matemica are all in House of Medici.


It sure sounds like it!


I think so, if you’re looking to build a brand around yourself as an influencer or brand evangelist. Or maybe it could just draw attention to a catchy ad or social media post.

Either way I think I can skip this one personally :wink:


I wonder if spotlight is part of the fame scripting in Stark.


Yes, of course.


Yes, but now, instead of putting the entire HoM core in your custom, or having to use precious loop time running HoM in your stack, you can choose the elements you like and run with it.


Yes, I’ll personally be running House of Medici as a stack/or core in future custom
but having the option to select desired elements of it, to save time, or custom room is extremely valuable.