Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


looks like its time to build another custom to supplement my wealth custom hahaha so many good modules right now


This I like a lot, because I can imagine using these elements for something unrelated.

On another note, does this imply that HoM Core has these modules?


Lol, I can’t get too mad that people keep asking this, gonna have to make a support article about it. The modules inside the cores support the goals of the core, not the entire custom. While you’ll get some benefits, it won’t be as profound as adding the actual module to the custom.

If there’s a module that tickles your fancy, add it. I’m working on the stack rotation support article soon, which will show you how to rotate your stack every 2 months or so while still maintaining results. It’s an advanced concept, though.

Khan v2 (New Beginnings)


What module would help remove psychological ED due to porn abuse?


@mecharc that’s just going to naturally get fixed as a result of successfully executing PoMaQ. Also guys: I finally ordered. Thread to be created soon :smiley:


@SubliminalUser woohoo!!!
Details details details


if porn use is a real issue for you
maybe stack Stronger with PoMaQ

Some time away from the screen will definitely resolve that issue.


Yes, please


Will anymore Stark related modules be released in the future?


Is Stronger useful for increasing the willpower in general or is it specific to fighting addiction?


Steadfast to me is just another step in mental and emotional maturity as to paraphrase the description a lot of men crumble, freeze , get defensive, or throw fits in times of stress instead of just taking a minute or seven and seeing how whatever the issue or situation can be resolved be it emergency or an inconvenience. I have learned more so recently than ever that very often you have to be willing to put your own wants and desires aside for various reasons long and short term. Stonger would also probably be beneficial for that especially in relation to curb impulse control ,instead gratification , and shiny object syndrome


Am I correct in assuming the oath also helps therapists and energy healers? Definitely veterinarians? How much of a grey area is there? Will it help you take care of plants better?


Paging @Fire.


Ultimate Writer and Ultimate Music Producer modules added:



Ultimate Writer module is missing an add to cart button. Maybe because no price is entered.


I can’t believe this is here already.


Would Ultimate Music Producer also be beneficial for those who are just looking to DJ/play live sets at venues/create mixes, even though they are not actually producing their own music?


Fixed. Thanks.


Yes, very much so. There’s scripting for live performances. Should add that to the copy.


Some awesome new choices here, Dream Traveler and Market Weaver would have for sure been in my custom had I made it now. A lot of the modules that match the HoM theme are ones that I like too, makes me think even more that I should just get HoM for now and stack it in.

Pictures are beautiful too. It’d be funny if the picture in ultimate music producer is @SaintSovereign’s set up lol.