Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


Might as well be a core with everything you listed lol


I guess those musicians who compose the lyrics of their songs would have use for Ultimate Writer too…


@SaintSovereign would the writer module be good for someone wanting to get into freelance copywriting?


Sure would.


Nice! Some very neat things on here

Just a quick one…

How many Module packs do you plan to release in the future? Will this aim to be a regular thing? As it says #1 I assume they’ll be more


Q is going to be around for a long time, so expect there to be more!


I wonder if they will be upgrading the modules with “new” or better scripts as time goes on and technology improves.

I’m hoping 1 or 2 new packs every few months just depends what titles they drop or new ideas they come up with.


I remember when they first introduced Q, they mentioned that licensed modules will get free upgrades as they come, but you still have to pay the costs to rebuild.


Is anything in the works for visual artists?

If not, I would like to make an enthusiastic request.


I think it would be compelling to have an improv comedy module. I do not mean stand-up, but improv. This is an important distinction. Two very different comedic processes.


A good reference manual.


Does Flow help you feel more connected to the universe and possible help you reach higher vibrations?


Something for stand up too would be good!


Yes, it does. To be connected to the universe is to be at a higher vibration.

Any of the programs here that could be classified as related to ‘higher chakra’ characteristics are going to raise your vibration. This includes major programs such as Alchemist, Quantum Limitless and Mind’s Eye. Many modules also could be described in this way.

Any manifestation-related programs or modules will also raise the vibration.

I’d say the most important ingredient is that the listener DESIRES to raise vibration. If that desire is definite then most of the programs here, even the non-obvious ones, could still serve to facilitate higher consciousness/vibration.


How about writing jokes as an aspiring comedian?


I can definitely see the benefit of a module to help someone become funnier, for a variety of reasons!



Ultimate Writer
Approachability Aura
True Social Ultima

Those would be good ones.



and a dash of
Total Nonchalance and Emperor’s Voice

(I’d also throw in Blue Skies. I notice I’m saying that for everything now.)

Stacking up for a StandupComedy career

Question for anyone in the know. Would Spotlight help get your resume noticed amongst the pile of others as well as online?


It’s a social media booster, so that’s out of scope unless you made a social media post about it.


@SubliminalUser isn’t LinkedIn considered social media? So if you upload your resume there, would Spotlight help?

@COWolfe, actually, I too have been looking for ways to make myself more marketable. With LinkedIn, I’ve been posting a lot more about the articles I’ve written for my blog, and it seems to be getting traction, though I have yet to get any calls from recruiters regarding suitable jobs for me.