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Okay, not the most important question right now, but at some point I would like some clarification on whether the guy pictured on the Stronger module album art is the same dude as the Stop Porn & Masturbation one…


‘…some clarification’

hahaha! :joy:


Would love to see the new roadmap of what’s still to come :slight_smile:


Seems like Steadfast would blend really well with say Iron Frame , Lion IV, Total Nonchalance , Attachment Destroyer , Rogue , Manipulus , Negativity Shifter , Stress Displacement , and maybe Stronger to create the ultimate IDGAF custom


Quite a few of those are in my next custom sub, which is about creating my ideal mindset of an unshakable inner core surrounded by utter calm with a joy for life.

Steadfast reminded me of something that happened to me recently. Two weekends ago a friend of mine fainted due to heat exhaustion. I saw her wobbling and start to go down so quickly stepped over and caught her head as she fell. There were other people there, but everyone else seemed to be standing there dumbfounded. I started barking orders to everyone to get water, a cold cloth (we were touring a vineyard and had been waiting for 30+ minutes in hot sun to get into the main building.) etc. Her fiance was just crouching there looking bewildered, and even the winery owner said “uhh… should I call an ambulance or something?” to which I replied “yes!” Luckily she came to about a minute later so we canceled the ambulance and she was back on her feet within minutes. I don’t mind helping my friend (my wife’s best friend actually) when she has an emergency, though I was annoyed that almost nobody else seemed to know what to do to help, or even inclined to do anything.

Steadfast, combined with basic first aid training, ought to be standard issue.



Is spotlight like the fame module from stark?


That’s a good question. I haven’t found the fame module anywhere. I am surprised that it is not in the Q Modules store.


It sure sounds similar to it which is why i asked lol.


It seems to be related to HoM, and I say that because it could help support online business advertising.


It’s not the same module, but yes, it works similarly.


Would the fame module ever get released?


That is probably a better question for @Fire lol


Let’s hope for the best : )


Ultimate Writer

My new favorite, both for the album art as the actual description. I’d love to see the Public Speaking equivalent for this to be released. Something that changes your speech, body language, voice, the way you think & silence between words, eradicating ‘uhms’, confidence, etc.

Please look into this : )


+1 for this, I’d love that as well. Someday conferences will be back on again, and it’d be great to not be nervous about speaking at one.


Make this +2 on the public speaking module. An Ultima for that would be great too.


Public speaking + alpha status + aura modules + fame module = rockstar on the stage. :sunglasses:


Public speaking + intensity aura + auric overdriver + stark + libertine = rockstar on stage with girls everywhere going nuts to pay to see you and hear you sing lol

Man For Himself

From an auric standpoint, a rock star is someone whose Aura can accommodate or include the auras of others.

For some period of time, that Aura extends itself and merges with all of those other auras; then it takes them on a journey (sometimes ecstatic, sometimes meaningful, etc.,), brings them back and lets them off the bus.

That is what’s happening unconsciously.

It can actually be quite a burden for the rock star. Pranic heavy-lifting.

Anyway, that comfort with the auras of others is one important ingredient. Feeling them. Holding them. Interacting with them.

I think it may be one of the many aspects of Stark.


Add Raikov so that you can easily emulate your favourite rock-stars.