Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


+1 more. :blush:

With webinars, youtube, livestreams, instagram, onlyfans, etc…
I’m sure there’s ample demand for “Camera Confidence” and “Camera Charisma” in the new normal.



I still think this should be made into a module-called SaintQ–it turns the universe into your playground, instills a creator mentality about life and circumstance, generates a spiritual positive chaotic and cleansing fire/energy that shifts everything in your life as fast as possible in a chosen direction, while shielding and heightening your most genius inner self- :blush:


Will Asclepius be sufficient enough to heal eyes (20/20 vision)? From the description it does say physical injuries but sounds more like broken tissue, bones etc


I understand you don’t want to give a guarantee.

All I am asking though, is if the scripting of Asclepius tackles also the eyes and could potentially and maybe even likely help to achieve 20/20 vision (or if another (future) module will be better suited for that)?


Curious to know the modules going into pack #2 and when it’ll be out :slight_smile: :thinking:


My guess is probably after more titles are released


Most eye problems are a result of muscles not tensing and relaxing properly in the area around the eye. So an effective “medicine” for a lot of people is eye exercises. I can only recommend a good source material in Russian, so you will have to look on your own for English/other languages.

Of course they won’t do anything if there is some other problem, like damaged iris or something. And of course talk to your doctor first.


It will likely be a while before the second module pack is released. For reference, two months between the launch of the store and the release of the new modules.


@SaintSovereign @Fire Will there be another module pack release in the next month?


I am so fascinated by Steadfast to add to Lion IV , Rogue , Total Nonchalance , and Attachment Destroyer. Just to be able to feel calm and relaxed not matter what life throws at you. Finally learning that being worried or anxious isnt very productive


Rogue is pretty awesome since you speak up no matter what others think. People do get surprised and sometimes annoyed. But hey, why please others with speaking what they want to hear? It’s one of the modules that are fast in seeing results.

Lion IV is also a good one, from my experience in physical situations it induces respect from others. Calm and focused and improves charisma, stacks well with Iron Frame and Daredevil Core.


I forgot about Iron Frame.


+2 y’all.

Ultimate Speaker: remember as a child, that extremely boring teacher that spoke with a monotone and was as inspiring as a block of cheese?

That won’t be you!

Ultimate Speaker will turn you into a captivating speaker, mesmerising your audience with free flowing words that stimulates, captivates and inspires.

This works in person, on Zoom or on the big stage. Ultimate Speaker will easily transform you into a verbal deity.

It will infuse your speech with energy and attention. Nervousness and mild stuttering will be replaced with smooth, ready confidence.

You will become someone others will want to pay to listen to. Like Tony Robbins on crack. Take centre stage with your voice.

Ultimate Speaker, soon in the Q store.


It will be there once Saint creates it lol. Tony Robbins does not take drugs…


ObamaQ… ChurchillQ… GoebbelsQ…


It would be great to have a module for presenters/public speakers.

I also keep throwing out the idea for an improv comedy title, or even just the idea of improvisation in general.

Improv as opposed to Stand Up, as improv as a strategy would be more generally useful in day to day life.


LutherQ doesn’t sound bad tho :wink:


Which Luther?

Martin Luther?

Martin Luther King?

Lex Luther?


This one man


Maybe it could bequeath the greatest powers possessed by any Luther within the space time continuum.

I’d like to be able to sing like Luther Vandross.


When is Q Module Pack #2 coming out?