Q Module Pack #2 - AVAILABLE NOW!


Not a problem! I’m occupied as is. I do realize that there’s an entire project for physical changes and…

This is great service!


Makes you wonder why anyone would use or run anything other than Subliminal Club


Nevermind lol… New modules sound awesome… @Fire really added modules that a lot of people were requesting

Now I have to redo my custom sub I was gonna make LOL


Sure. How about NOW?



what about Male Enhancement and Emperor Fitness Height Inducer…are those still experimental and not confirmed to be certain to work or have the research on those physical changes been verified?


Oh my god these are incredible


@SaintSovereign Nine new modules?



@SaintSovereign The second page shows modules from Pack #1


That’s the only one from Pack #1. The rest are all new.


I see 16 new ones idk why you only see 9


Im assuming it is still rolling out.


Really cool modules btw, nice work.


Go in filter : and filter by latest :wink:


Haha never would have guessed the preview module Saint showed above would be called “mercy protocol”, much less be a social module.


Is journey’s guide metaphoric or literal and geographical?


Second one.


will this Mercy Protocol make you show mercy to your enemies and too kind and empathetic
mercy is for the weak!!! LOL jk but bro too much empathy make u sensitive, too much kindness people will take advantage of
is it for specific contexts


Our titles won’t “make” you do anything, everything is guided by conscious choice. If you start showing your enemies too much sympathy, that means you wanted to do so.

We have plenty of titles designed to prevent people from taking advantage of you. In fact, Power Can Corrupt was built just for that purpose, though you can get the same kind of internal support from Emperor, StarkQ, Ascension, etc.


dammit u guys are too advanced LOL


Well there is always the argument of Vulnerability vs Weakness. Of course when you have two equal forces, being in a vulnerable state can bring you to a level weaker than that force. Practicing/growing from vulnerability (in this case Empathy/Compassion), will make you stronger when you close up that vulnerability to something equally adversarial, your weakness becomes stronger then theirs, or at least “better”.