Q Module Pack #2 - AVAILABLE NOW!


I think that’s what wayfinder does


What were you expecting bro :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see the one with the butterflies




For some reason when I click on New Modules that one isn’t listed


Maybe the butterflies flew away …


Lol I knew this would happen. Off bat when I saw the all seeing module I was like “damn, I would’ve preferred that over Manipulus”. I still like what Manipulus does but looks like it got a younger and more encompassing brother. A few other modules I would’ve liked to include in my custom as well.

Now I’m pondering rather I should upgrade my custom to T2 or build an “Ultimate Sovereign V2” in March.

@SaintSovereign I’ve been wanting to ask this anyway so now is the perfect time. With the Deus Module, a sub will increase in power and efficiency the more it’s used (it seems). Is there a solid way to tell if a Terminus program with Deus in it could give a T2 program a run for its money in due time?


That All seeing one is interesting. Funnily enough there is a thought going through my head all day saying, keep your head on a swivel, be aware of all surroundings.

Then this is the first new module I see. It seems perfect. dragon tongue looks interesting as well.


T2 is one of those things that we just can’t quite explain yet. Technically, it should be more powerful, but it also seems to cause a lot of reconciliation and stonewalling. That being said, I believe that the best way to use T2 is building two of the same title, one in Q (or Terminus) and one in T2. Run the Q/Terminus version for awhile and once you stop getting reconciliation, upgrade to T2. It’ll dig deeper.

You could, as you stated, use Terminus and add result / manifestation enhancers and make the whole process easier.


Interesting: There seems to be some kind of caching. First I clicked on the 2nd page and I could see the newest modules. Then I did it again and there were the old new modules like Ultimate Writer or The Spotlight on page 2. Chosing “sorting by latest” fixed the issue.

Edit: Okay I figured it out. First time I had the parameter from the Newsletter campaign in the URL and it worked. Second time I had no parameter - cached version came. Don’t know if it’s sever-side or client-side cached. Third time by chosing “sorting by latest” there was a new parameter in the URL again and the new modules came on page 2.

Edit 2: It’s not client-side cached. Used another browser and the same effect appeared - old products on page 2 without parameter.



Odd. Page two is all stuff from Pack one when I view it. I know I’m missing stuff because that Mercy Protocol isn’t there.


Use “sorting by latest” and you will probably see the new products on page 2.




I see several of these I would like to use including the teaching module. The main thing that I had hoped for that I didn’t see was a visual artist module to go with the writing and music production modules.

Is that still in the works?



Instant Business Tactician & Wayfinder.

NAILED IT! :sunglasses:


Polyglot + eye of the storm. Maybe I’ll change my first custom in a bit but having a hard time choosing a second module to drop (I had one waiting to switch out)

Is polyglot necessary if you’ve got QLST4 or can you get by without it?


I’m confused about this too. And today’s pack release even includes modules that are categorized under “physical changes” so this suggests that the physical change research focuses on a specific subset.

My current custom even has physical modules like “Facial Morphing” and “Physicality Shifter”…


We wouldn’t release them if there weren’t results with them. While they require dedication, action and good conditions, they work well.

We have seen incredible results in our experiments with physical shifting technology. However, not all physical shifting technology based modules are created equal. Before we start releasing the next generation of them, we want to take the technology to a whole new, yet unseen level, that requires the automatization to be fully completed.

We have been pretty silent on this, but things are coming together behind the curtain, all leading towards a new massive breakthrough on subliminal technology.

Visual artist isn’t currently in the works, but it’s a possibility in the future.

QLST4 will definitely help with language learning. If you want even more of a focus on language, then you can add Polyglot to it.


As always the artwork is beautiful.




man where do you find your gifs :rofl: