Q Module Pack #2 - AVAILABLE NOW!


For real, this dudes an artists


Thanks @Fire figured as much

I imagine optimal conditions would be hormonal, health, and age related --as a 32 year old male, I understand nothing guaranteed, but are those conditions in which the sub could still work over time or it it highly unlikely with fused growth plates?


The answer is that their upcoming tech will unfuse growth plates.


Growth plates?




Very excited to hear this news. Gotta start saving even mo’ moolah for this!



that’s good speculation and
I have no doubt the value and effectiveness of new breakthroughs,
I’m referring to the previous/ current model in the Q store, as that is the one I have and have been using and will continue to use for now.


Some reading for those wanting to research bones. Maybe some sort of resistance training + influencing hormones.


Dovahkiin nox wah Rahun ahrk Yol


A dragon tongue for a @dragonborn.



improve more and more in debates and public speaking. Being witty and funny in your very own way will easily become natural

Yes Fire made this one for me :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I like it a lot
Developing a Dragon Tongue will be real fun


Eye of the Storm sound like an awesome modules to anyone running something like total breakdown, regeneration, emperor, ascension, stark, or ascension. Or honestly any sub lol


I think Saint already mentioned it. He has his test group and also he is watching our posts for key words ,sentences and ideas implanted from sub scripts. He likes to know message got through. Please delete this if I’m wrong


I will need this if I decide to get a job as a uber driver.



Thanks for Journey’s Guide guys. That’s something I’ve been looking for for a long time and will help me succeed when I get my career back on track.



This is Stu-freaking-Pendous. Just as I knew it would be.

I’m lingering over them and taking my time to look through them.

Shout out to Ged and Ursula K. LeGuin

…aaaand, next question


This is correct.


I knew I’d enjoy taking in these new modules so much that I decided to do my morning practices first and then take my time to enjoy them afterwards. Morning practices included morning meditation.

Yesterday (last night really) was my first formal day with Alchemist Stage 2 - Refinery.


The Refinery will rapidly develop your energetics and the silence of your mind, allowing you to meditate like you have never meditated before.

That happened.

Does exactly what they said it would.