Q Module Pack #2 - AVAILABLE NOW!


Eye of the Storm seems ideal for staying clean off of things like porn.


Discordia Deliverance… if only people around the world used it…


I like that each level seems to dig deeper. I’m hoping T2 turns out to be something that can cause subliminal scripting to become instinct with proper usage.


is not it already, or becoming more so, to a certain degree for you?

Sound like it from what I’ve read of yours.


I am very excited to use that one. Those seem to be some of the newer forms or reconcillaition and negativity I have. I don’t suffer guilt, shame, doubt, fear, so much, or jealousy to much, but bitterness and judgement can seep in.


Whats the latest on the hero q module ?


I one of the fortunate ones who don’t suffer from these illnesses the sub offers to treat. To me getting rid of those emotions is the baseline of a happy life.


I go through periods of experiencing all of those for certain, and then periods where they are severely lessened or non-existent

You don’t ever experience bitterness, judgement, jealousy, or hatred, to any degree, even subtlety, directed at yourself or others? If so that is very fortunate and/ or impressive indeed.

Have you been in a situation where you’ve had to ‘get rid of them’ before to have a baseline happy life? If so what worked well for you?


I’ve been like that since I’ve remembered even though I’ve had a lot of harsh experiences. I think it’s because my mother loved me to much and I have a lot of that power in my heart.


Eye Off the Porn


Dragon Tongue
Instant Business Tactician

Those are my favorites from Module Pack#2


And the related Eye Off The Thigh(er)… :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve got another pun that’s even better but is possibly pushing the limits of appropriateness. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested, it’s pretty bad. Lol


We appreciate your candor :joy:


Torchbearer seems like it would go great with Dragon Tongue

Can it be used to gain peoples trust just in general, like paired with PCC or Medici could it be used to build business or powerful relations and such?


It can be consciously guided to do pretty much whatever you’d luck it to do (within context). :wink:


For me, it’s

Harmonic Singularity
Secret Source


Feels like it is but who knows just how deep the subconscious goes, what I’m literally referring to is the unconscious mind itself however. I’m not sure if that portion of the mind is even programmable though as it relates to basic survival instinct as opposed to the concepts contained within subliminal program scripting.


I had to add that one to my custom Regeneration.


If what I understand about the mind is correct, the subconscious is a bridge to the unconscious mind. Or perhaps, the conscious mind is to the subconscious mind what the subconscious mind is to the unconscious.


hmm makes sense.