Q Module Pack #2 - AVAILABLE NOW!


Someone tryed eye of the storm or Discordia deliverance?


@Fire, @SaintSovereign would Iron Frame be helpful when you already have Dragon Tongue in that same Custom? I’m doing my best to save one more spot for Ares, but I’m not sure whether to drop Iron Frame or not, it seems obvious that combining both would make for an incredible frame, however, it could also be completely unnecessary.

As the creators of these modules, having additional expertise and knowledge about them; how do you look at this question?

I would very much appreciate any delivered insights. Thank you.


@Hermit they seem quite different. Iron Frame seems to refer to all parts of one’s frame, including body language and energy.


Thank you @SubliminalUser, in that case, both of them seem to blend together very well. As for Inner Circle, do you happen to know whether the entire script is already present within Power Can Corrupt?


It was rather hair-raising to say the least.