Q Module Questions


Just to clarify, the cores in the Q Store are exactly like the pre-made (for lack of a better word) ones found on www.subliminalclub.com?


This would be piracy and if we discovered it, that individual would be blacklisted.


I expected this question upon the opening of the store. :slight_smile:

The updated modules are free, the 99+ build costs are not, since the computer has to start crunching all over again.

Maybe if truly all 20 modules have been updated and the changes are significant enough, Saint can be persuaded to provide a discount on the build costs for re-building the exact same sub at the exact same strength level (no cheating your way to Terminus!). Maybe.

For now, the focus is on improving the store and adding more modules. The existing modules still have that “new module” smell. So no worries, your sub will be shiny and new for quite some time yet.

No, otherwise those in the “main” store would be called “core.”

The cores contain everything that’s in the “standard” subs. But the standard subs then add modules on top of it just like you do in the Q store. Each of these “support” modules acts like a mini-stacking module to amplify the existing functionality. In all likelihood every part of core is “supported” so the end is a well-balanced whole.

You can do something similar, or you can give more weight to some parts over others. Your choice.

Way too many quotation marks, Darkie. Makes me feel like Dr. Evil.

Which individual? Joe or Joe? :wink:

That one was too easy…


Makes me wonder which modules we’re added to them. So if I we’re to purchase Daredevil, Mind’s Eye and Power Can Corrupt from the Subliminal Club store to get a feel to them, does that mean the individual cores will still give me similar effects? From reading there product page it seems pretty obvious that they’re focused subliminal’s to do just what they’re ment to do. The Major Programs seem to have a lot more added to them compared to those I mentioned.

And yes, I don’t mind paying a few bucks for these programs, simply to test them out. I’d do anything to support a growing and innovative Subliminal company. Looking at what is going on in the world, re-programming the unconscious is pretty foundational.


The modules in the major programs are aimed at supporting those programs. The “cores” are the same way. The sub-modules support the core, but not necessarily the entire custom subliminal. That’s why we keep telling people not to worry about “redundancy” and to simply license the modules they know they need.


The whole Q thing can be confusing if you don’t slow yourself down and pay close attention to detail. Just have to read through slowly, take time to comprehend and then decide what your goal is.


I think part of the fun with the Q store is allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition. Maybe the selection shouldn’t come from what you think you need, but rather what you feel is right for you. And because of the sheer number of modules, it’s much easier to figure out what speaks to you.

I might go so far as to print out every single module, with the box art on one side of the page and the description on the other side, maybe with some added comments from myself. Then go far away from all my electronic devices, take that entire stack of papers (possibly laminated) and start feeling my way towards the best custom sub by creating little stacks. Maybe I’ll shuffle them, maybe I’ll stare at the box art for a bit, maybe I’ll read the descriptions or move them to a different pile.

It’s far more involved that way compared to scrolling and clicking on them in the cart. Or listing them out in raw text here on the forum (as much as we appreciate it).

Heck, if I do this and there is interest for it, then I may create a PDF for it with about 4-6 modules per page, so you could take it to a print shop and get them printed too. With Saint’s permission of course.

Mind’s Eye popped up and made me think of them like cards, where on the back of the card above the description, every card starts with an insightful quote related to that module.


@DarkPhilosopher - haha. I almost expected you to reach for the Tarot Card symbolism in your description.


That was the first edit, actually. It’s how the idea of the quote came to be, since every card has a meaning. But then I figured it might turn some people off of the idea, so I changed it.

So you were right, I just phrased it more generally acceptable.

Unlike our airy friend Hermit, I often tone down my more esoteric ideas for public consumption. :slight_smile:


Sensible. I’ve been going through the modules and iterating upon my ideal sub. When it comes to certain things (boosters) I’ve just picked out those which resonate with me the most.


Going by feel definitely has benefits. But that involves intuition, which some might doubt themselves. I think initially it’s tough given all the options and what you COULD do, but not necessarily should for yourself.

Maybe an interactive questionnaire that preselects the modules based on what you answer. But you can still fine tune it so you’re not completely locked in. But it’ll at least give a framework for more indecisive individuals. Hell if I didn’t go on my intuition I never would have built the damn thing. Even then I started at 10pm and finished at 12:30am lol


What time scale are we talking about here? And would a setup like this be realistic?


I like Khan st3 and I like Stark more than other subs. I think I like them because they both have Daredevil core inside

Daredevil is only core in my custom sub . Rest auras ,enhancers, and Blsk . Excellent support sub to run along with any normal sub for sex, wealth,status ,spiritual.

except of course " remote long range tactician seduction" modules them are not support they are my future primary weapons

just have a fun you will rebuild it again wit new batch of modules in future


I think I’m starting to understand.

If there’s healing in the core it would only work for the goals of that core correct? But if I were to get Ultimate Artist and the I AM module, without Khan St1, every aspect of I AM would be aimed at creating art, correct?

So it would lead me to my absolute truest expression of self as it relates to my art.


I wrote down the core and all the supporting modules I wanted by hand. My custom is gonna cost me $490 but I’ve spent more than that on subliminals before.

It is too bad that only 20 modules can make it in but on the other hand it forces you to prioritize what your personal goal and focus will be. When I purchase my customized Ascension sub I plan to run it for a year straight at least.


I’m almost certain the only reason we can only do 20 modules is so people won’t be sending scores of emails about why their custom containing every core and module available in T2 isn’t working…


From what I understand, because you added the I AM separately, it will focus primarily on Ultimate Artist’s needs, but it is strong enough to look around in its spare time and see if something else needs healing.

If I could give you a discount for that post I would. Although I suspect the technical limitations are slightly higher than 20, creating the one-with-all-that-is sub may very well not work at all because it is doing too much.

Then again, give it a month or so and we’ll have people stacking the heck out of customs, with 60+ modules in their stack. Looking forward to those journals. :slight_smile:

Both good deductions!


Wrong. Cores and modules and whole subs here , now and past been made to support each other and other subs plus your support your personal preferencies . I prefer daredevil over primal thats it. I have Daredevil in normal Stark but i want expand it bit more with modules build around. And whole custom sub will react with non custom sub as well
On second tought my build is meant to be something like expansion pack for normal StarkQT. You my have different purpose for your build


Could you @Fire comment on your results while testing Male Enhancement module? How much is expected? Length and girth after x amount of time.


This, and the fact that the Mandatory Q Core (which binds everything together and makes Q work) is about 40 pages by itself.