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@Sirchiropractixalot… BARS!!!


Another question is how important is the order in which I select the cores and modules? Would Saint, Fire or the tech guy will queue it up in the most efficient way for building?

Fair enough, thanks.


The order doesn’t matter at all.


Can we have the store searchable by the short module names? E.g. search BlSkQ for Blue Skies.


You can go with muscle testing if you do that. Just for a second verification.


I don’t know if someone already purchased a custom sub but I am sure by now there are a few who did. I am still contemplating what to aim for and what to build, so I am very careful. I get the feeling some people here are more focused on the number of modules they can stuff into their sub and not about the goals of their subliminal. Maybe it would help to understand the strength levels if we had a comparison. To me it seems like 20 modules with no core would be about the same density as Emperor.


I think the best is to breakdown what you need for life prioritizing. For example

Good sex
Amazing physique
Good relationship
etc etc

Then build one sub for each one maximum 3 and work towards your goals. For example. You can do one money related custom sub, really focussed and run it 3-5x per day while running 1x sex mastery + 1x fitness related sub(whether is custom or from the store doesnt matter) Your focus is for money and then just a little push for the other two areas you are interested etc

At least this is my strategy. I think 2-3 subs which are really focussed is the ideal number between everything covered in life and results. I find using 1 sub and having only 1 goal too monotonous and not fullfilling. While having 1 big goal where you put all your effort and 1-2 smaller much more satisfying but thats just me


What if we build two customs, Q strength, with 1. sex, masculinity, result enhancers and 2. status, money, result enhancers and run them 2 days the first one, 2 days the other and 3 days off, and do each for 2-3 loops depending on what we can take without reconciliation? (and run long-term for like a 6-12 months)?

Tagging you guys as I believe you are the ones who have the most experience to answer that. @Fire @SaintSovereign

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This is where Action is your friend.

Observe your lifestyle.

Will you take the action associated with these programs? If so, then it’s cool.

You can think of it kind of like a video game where there’s a chef putting out food. Say 1 pizza every minute. As long as there’s a new customer that comes every minute, then the pizzas will flow smoothly from the kitchen. There need to be customers who come to eat the things.

The ‘pizza’ is the subliminal. The ‘customers’ are the Action. ‘Eating’ is processing the input.

If you have enough action to ‘eat up’ all of the subliminal messages (i.e., to process them), then you’re good. If there’s no action or conditions in your lifestyle that are there to match up to what you’re taking in, then there will be issues.

Get subliminals based on what you’re ready to do (or trying to do).

If you won’t have any time or interest to actually do anything related to your subliminals, (planning and contemplation can be considered a light form of action), then it’s going to be more of a problem.


Oh man… that’s gold. You messed up what I was planning… for good though.

I wish you were to tell me this 3 years ago when I started with subliminals.


Believe me, it’s what I need to hear myself. I am right here in the trenches with you.


That’s exactly what I wanted to add to the discussion. We have to find out where we are, where we want to go and which steps we are ready to take right now. And then we can build the subliminal to assist the process


Do auras also work from a distance (internet, phone) or only in physical proximity?


Is it implied that one can purchase a Q sub and use it with a competitors subliminal?


I’m guessing the necessity is dependent on Mosaïc being apart of the Custom.

In a situation where I combine Stark, Power Can Corrupt and Daredevil with Mosaic, will Mosaic cause those Cores to intertwine with each other, similar to what happens with the sub-modules? Meaning that all of three of the Cores work together synergistic-ally.


Also highly interested in the following two Modules; Energetic Development, The Architect, they seem like something that’ll work very well on me. One the other hand , there descriptions are a little bit confusing, is there any more in-depth information on how they differ from each other?

From what it looks like Energetic Development is more devoted to enhancing and development of the Aura while The Architect is more devoted to upgrading the physical aspects of the energetic structure, or am I totally going off-road here?


@ALoveSupreme - no. Not advisable to mix ANY subliminals from Subliminal Club with those outside. Whether from the Q Store or not.


Absolutely not.


Imagine building an addition to an existing house. The original foundation and support beams will support the existing house, which helps your addition in the sense that you’ll have actually have something to build upon. The new addition, however, will need it’s own foundation and support. This is the relationship between the sub modules in the cores versus adding them to a custom subliminal.


Is this to suggest that Mosaic is a necessity if we will run our custom sub in addition to another SubClub sub (e.g. Khan)?