Q Module Questions


Don’t overthink the modules, ya’ll. EGO ADSUM helps you live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. It’s “the power of now” condensed into a sub. Joie de Vivre attempts to fill you with joy and gratitude. They’re “feel good” modules that were tested in many subs, including the Emperor Q beta (if you recall, many people talked about how good it felt to run).


“The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle? Now I like the sound of that!


Since these are name embedded , what will be effect of custom sub if my girl is next to me , I mean if she is also exposed to this ( with her permission ) , like night time wen is is with me or day time in car etc
I mean she is gonna feel the difference or veins name embedded , this is going to be neautral for her


Name embeds still affect those exposed to it in some fashion. Imagine having someone yell a bunch of instructions at a person sitting next to you. You’ll still hear them and have a reaction to them.


You think it can have other effect , like every time she will listen Rajeshwer is good , handsome , energetic etc etc. , so that way she will have more positive attitude towards me ?
If this happens that way she will be sending positive energy towards my agenda and somewhere my agenda should be her agenda too ( a bit may be ) energetically


Gorgeous Manifestor:
A manifestation module focusing specifically on beautiful women who would be interested in you. Will highly increase the ratio of beautiful and approachable women around you. It is up to you to pull the trigger.

Sexual Manifestation:
Manifestation specifically for sex. Regardless of your gender, this will manifest throngs of beautiful people around you and in your environment. Furthermore, these people will give signs and seek you out for this reason.

@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire:

Based on reading the descriptions of these 2 modules, it seems that Sexual Manifestation is the x-rated version of Gorgeous Manifestation…

What are some reasons that someone would choose Gorgeous Manifestation over Sexual Manifestation?


My question is why choose one or the other?


Because we’re only allowed 20 Modules in a custom sub. So if one of them encompasses the other, I’d rather exclude it for something else. Ideally I would like to include both.


Surprising to some, but not everybody is interested in sex, there are a lot of people more interested in romance. I mentioned before about having a colleague some time back that was always complaining about the people on his dating site wanting only sex without commitment while he was looking for something long-term and romantically intimate.

Most men (and women) end up at a place where sex is still important but being with someone is more important. For women it happens less than for men, who tend to jump from one to the other until they reach an advanced age. The rest of us got grumpy every time he did, wanting what he had.

So, the option of either should always be there. If nothing else, you could always go for the challenge of getting a long-term supportive relationship and then accepting the challenge of injecting sexual spice into it.


Just curious,if someone were to run 2 customs.Optimally,should mosaic be in both or would it be enough to be in 1 of the 2?Cause i left mosaic out of my 1st custom and dont want to rebuild it to add it in(>_<)


I was wondering something similar to this but not specifically about Mosaic. I think if you have mosaic in your custom it works on it’s own to integrate everything (so it will apply itself to all the subs you’re running).

That is my understanding at least but I would also love to know for sure, especially if I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a very important detail, but shouldn’t this whole thread be moved to “Questions And Comments”? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was actually thinking of moving it for a while now, I just didn’t know if that would change the link or something, so I just left it.

@Neurokinetic I do believe it was mentioned that all subs including the ones without Mosaic are stackable, but Mosaic makes them a bit more cooperative/potent. I myself will likely add it into every sub I create. Anything to better the odds of boosters working on the other subs as well.


It seems redundant to me to use the same modules in different subs. Essentially at that point you’re stacking modules and especially for Q powered subs when 1 loop a day is often enough it seems a waste to put the same thing in every sub when we’re limited to 20 modules per title.

I asked the same thing with the example of “Aura of Approachability”. If I have this in a title that’s more wealth/Alpha focused and then build a second romance/attraction sub do I need to have it again to be effective for the romantic application


I’d say that to better guarantee interoperability in the sense you are looking for, use Mosaic in one of the subs.


Unllimiter vs Limit Destroyer vs Atman:

What’s the difference between these?


Too late now :stuck_out_tongue: already ordered my second with no mosaic :man_shrugging:t5:

My assumption is that subclub subs are scripted to work harmoniously enough without. Maybe later (6+ months from now) in a third custom I’ll include it


Could anyone please explain the following modules more thoroughly? There descriptions are somewhat vague, and I cannot fully grasp there execution.

Tyrant, Iron Frame and Power Awareness.


Also add Potentiator to that list too!

So far I’m thinking:
Unlimiter = Skill based limits, great for leaning and breaking mental limits
Limit Destroyer = General letting go of all limits and takes a healing approach
Atman = Discovering true self by breaking limits. Maybe this one is more spiritual?
Potentiator = Focus on potential and possibilities and how to go about them, also has a leaning to romance.

I’m leaning towards potentiator but unlimiter seems perfect for me too.
I’d like to know the official differences though haha.

Making a sub with all of these could be interesting if the space was there.


@Fractal - yup. It’s for the different types of limits we have.

Unlimiter for skill/learning limits.

Limit Destroyer for general limits.

Atman for spiritual/true-self limits.

Wealth Limit Destroyer for the obvious