Q Module Questions


Does the Deep Sleep module cause one to feel sleepy shortly after listening to it, or does it’s effect only take place when we desire to fall asleep?


It was always apart of Emperor, I loved that Module so much. Great sleep, deep sleep and waking up refreshed. It never made me tired though! It only takes place when you desire to to fall asleep.


Good to know!


Those are amazing explanations, which make a lot of sense.

How would you compare Power Awareness to Atman?


I do believe Atman in StarkQ - this would make a lot of sense


Unlimiter in Limitless, Quantum Limitless and Stark.

I’d say Atman is in Alchemist, could also be in Stark.

Limit Destroyer is in most subliminal’s and Wealth Limit Destroyer; EOG, Mogul, etc.


@Hermit since Power Awareness makes us aware of our full power in the physical, mental and spiritual, i would say that it is the for finding our full potential. Our “maximum”.

While Atman, and other “limit destroyers” help us to surpass the barriers we have kept on ourselves that doesn’t even enable us to cross our “minimum” so to speak.


I’d love to try all of these out as a Stacking Module to be honest, just so we can get a taste for them.

In reality there executions could be undervalued compared to there description, especially with all of the modules related to feelings, destroying or surpassing of limits, anything that has a vague description to it. Someone is probably going to put it in there Custom and have exceptional results from it and then everyone wants it in theirs, lol.


@Hermit - haha yeah. I had a hard time deciding myself. Ended up licensing 42 modules. And it still wasn’t enough :grin:


Too bad haha, lucky for me, there’s really only a few modules that I’m interested in, but I’m reluctant to add them in if I do know how they’ll execute themselves. Probably going with two Cores, nothing to dense and then add in what I desire.


Does anyone know what Shpaera Magnetica and Instant Spark do or how they work?


They’re both aura-based attraction modules. Instant Spark’s aura is exactly what it says – it aims to create an “instant spark” with the people you’re attracted to by invoking a whirlwind of positive emotions within them. Magnetica is a broad, sexually charged aura. Makes it easier to turn social situations sexual.


@SaintSovereign @Fire
What would be some good modules that are in the Q store in your opinion for a sub partly focused on creativity?


Calling @Fire.

Admittedly, we’re probably lacking a bit in this department. Primarily because I’m currently working on an Ultimate Musician / Music Producer title and the framework for an Ultimate Writer sub. We were waiting for those to be finished before adding the modules to Q, and then the Q soft launch went nuts and we got hit with like 100 orders, lol. We’re just now clearing out the queue and can look at these again.


Well an Ultimate writer sub sounds pretty interesting. I can’t wait to see the modules you make for that which you might add to the store.


To the user(s) in SubClub that’s gonna listen to this and become a super famous artist, can I be in one of your music videos?


Gratulation :partying_face:


Is the I AM component part of Khan Stage 1 Core?
If so is there value in adding the I AM module additionally?
Also Will the I AM component in Khan Stage 1 effect or apply to other cores/modules/areas outside of Khan stage 1 scripting if I add Mosaic?



Yes, if you want to put more focus on it. Khan Stage 1 has besides the Khan Core also other modules included.


I was about to finish off a custom Ultimate Artist sub, but these two would be hugely valuable to me as I want to work on both passions over the coming year. Any thoughts on when they might release @SaintSovereign? or @Fire?