Q Module Questions


If you become very famous and receive a $25 million dollar deal which involves taking a picture where you cover one eye with your hand, would you take it?


I don’t mind joining the Illuminati.


I call them the Illuminus Party…


Within the next two months.


Any idea if we can order the normal ascension or regeneration or even emperor with a different build method?like terminus ascension…?


Thank you so much for the addressing all this


Is there any way we can name embed the subliminal we have now? Or does it need to be custom.


I think Saint said that will be the next project sometime end of this year or early next year…


Behold the @DarkPhilosopher comes with in-depth explanations to all of your questions.


Sooner than you think, later than you would like. That is all. :wink:

You mean the “standard” subliminals from the store? In that case, the time frame is (as far as I know) the same as the above.

I wish, all those orders Saint mentioned has limited my time prying information from him. I know some things that are on the horizon that you don’t (yet), but not enough to go in depth unfortunately. Won’t stop me from trying to find out more.

Do keep in mind Saint apparently loves multi-tasking. There are at least 4 different projects going on at SubClub right now. And there is of course a lot of thinking about the Q store and how to make the experience even better. Right now, it appears that Ultima is the first to show up.


Love your replies…lol


All of the different build methods hit your unconscious at different intensities and at different depths. I believe using multiple routes to get a script within the unconscious is very beneficial, yet it should be used with caution and responsibility.

You’re already experiencing major reconciliation from Ascension and Regeneration by itself. So be aware that if you use Ascension at Terminus or even Terminus² not so overuse it.


Certainly at this point in time, I have lowered my loops tremendously. The Astral is a mess right now and my energy is needed at many different places and for the different purposes at a time, I’m constantly purging and cleansing so I cannot dispel all of it into the subliminal’s themselves.

Every living being on Earth is feeling this right now. For each it’ll be different in intensity.


Very much looking forward to this one.


The Astral is a mess right now and my energy is needed at many different places and for the different purposes at a time

Just so I’m reading right, you can be at multi places at once?! :astonished:


All places at once. @AMASH :wink:


We’re multi-dimensional beings, sure we can.

There’s a war between Light and Dark on the Astral and I’ve been pretty groggy and foggy from all of the fighting. In my house doors have been going open and closed from themselves, lights twitching, I’ve seen all things Conjuring to say the least.

Yesterday I literally decided to take a break from listening to subliminal’s as I could use that additional energy very well, and encountered some slight reconciliation from the lack of energy to process. At that point I wasn’t connected to the source of creativity, insight and intuition that I usually was.

3-D certainly isn’t a pleasant place, I totally understand why people behave in the way they do. 5-D is way more fun!

Informative Thread For Discussing, Elaborating and Expanding on Topics Related to the Unconscious Mind

@Fire any thoughts on Natural Winner vs Overdrive?



What about 4D?

Heal: Regenerating and Ascending through all Times, Spaces, Realities & Dimensions

I’ve been interested in the Module named Iron Frame. Either it was Power Can Corrupt in Stark but I’m pretty sure that I got a feel for this, it was like having an answer to anything and framing towards your own thought ideology.

I don’t quiet get why it is under the romance & sex category though. Doesn’t this module also work for other occasions? My understanding is that it does, if not then I’m mistaking my experiences with Stark for another module.