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I think it was kind of an arbitrary choice of them to put it in the sex and romance category. I’ve chosen the module for my own custom and I do agree that it isn’t specifically geared toward romance, it will be useful in all areas of your life. Iron frame could also has been in the category “social” or “status”.


@Hermit - at first i thought it was a status module too. But the romance tag does remind me of what Rollo Tomassi said about Frame being important to be alpha. And alphas do get all the romance.

But I do feel that status and sex go hand in hand and hence Iron Frame is useful for both.


Could someone please explain how Blue Skies is different from the healing modules I AM, New Beginnings and Ares? It seems like I’ve made a mistake by having Februus and Blue Skies as healing modules. From my understanding Blue skies seems to be more spiritual healing compared to those other 3 modules, which is something I’m less interested in.


I didn’t realize until I read the description for the Iron Frame module that frame is mainly about keeping your composure and not allowing anyone to fuck with you.


Someone once pointed out to me that the term ‘spiritual’ doesn’t really mean anything. I thought about it and after a while I agreed.

These days when I see the term I usually mentally substitute the word ‘deep’ as in ‘Deep Healing’ or ‘Deep Cleansing’.

Blue Skies seems to be about activating the deepest levels of our potential to engage. ‘Love’ is largely about Courage. Becoming big enough to accommodate things. And not running away from contact. In reaching out like this, a person cannot avoid unfolding.

Ares is the Greek God of War. That title is probably not a coincidence. This module purges fear and fear-based weakness. It’s a good counterpart to Blue Skies, since we need both the courage to push past fears and the courage to open up to our own vulnerability.

Februus is another Roman God. I’m not as familiar with him. But he represents purification, and if you think about February, it’s the time when nature is preparing for a rebirth in Spring. This module involves a purification of everything that blocks a new beginning, or new springtime, in your life.

I AM is about genuineness. The core and truth of who you are. Removing anything that is not genuinely you.

New Beginnings digs down to uncover deep issues that would usually be suppressed or repressed.

These 5 modules attack the issue of healing and growth from many complementary angles. It sounds exciting. I’ve included them in my own ideal Emotional Healing module.


I will copy this description and look it up again when I pick my modules

Very insightful @Malkuth

Thank you


Ultimate Writer sounds awesome. I am grateful that new subliminals in the direction of creativity are coming. The other parts of my writing career like networking were very well enhanced by Inner Circle and StarkQ.

Sorry for Offtopic


Thank you for these descriptions they’ve made things clearer for me. Could you please explain Blue Skies a little bit more because I still find it a bit vague, for some reason I can’t really grasp it.

I for example don’t really understand what you mean with this.


I got all 5 of them in my custom sub, which I officially call Ultimate Healing Q :sunglasses::money_mouth_face::cowboy_hat_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Originally not intended for release, Blue Skies is a profound module allowing the user to glimpse the hidden depths of reality, the secrets about himself he might have been hiding, develop his concept of “Love” – any kind of love, such as unconditional or romantic, and any type, be it internal or external (such as self love), as well as using such seeing beyond the physical veil to take the user’s cognitive, artistic/creative and spiritual abilities to the next level. Now available and useable for the public, Blue Skies can give your subliminal a distinct take that will push your growth continously.

Sometimes people think of love in a narrow, emotional way. But love goes way down to the roots of what we are.

Love is the force of creative unfoldment. It’s about the courage to be what and who you are while still being connected to everything else.

It defies entropy without denying entropy.

That sounds way out there. Just know that it’s about the deep potential within yourself and within existence itself. As inspirations go, that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I’m sure someone else will clarify it further. Best will be after you’ve run it for a while. At that point, I suspect you’ll come back and help to clarify it for me. I don’t expect to have a chance to run it until late next year. Got my hands full at the moment. :peace_symbol:


I see, this has definitely helped my understanding of Blue Skies. I was one of the people who thought of love in a narrow way.

Thank you for your descriptions.


You can clearly tell that @Malkuth meditated on this one. These are some exceptionally profound insights.

So your excel sheet clearly out-shined it’s purpose :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


I Am fascinates the fuck out of me because I am so over I dont want to say fake people , but folks that act or behave out of some fear , shame , guilt related obligation , or some other reason because they care about what people think about them or of being rejected.I have been that way in the past as I have allowed women to talk me into cutting my hair or dressing a different way that made me fucking miserable. Giving into the wishes of others to avoid confrontation or conflict. Its just not worth it.

That is why I am in the process of putting together what I see as the closest I can get to a custom IDGAF subliminal. For fucks sake how hard is it to grow the fuck up and realize most people are far too miserable and selfish to give a flying fuck about anyone else. Im in a mood today obviously



Perhaps PCC can help you?


Question on Inexhaustible and Extreme Exercise Motivation.

Does Inexhaustible make you Inexhaustible on all levels of your being? So not only on the Physical where you have Stamina but also on the Mental & Emotional?

On Extreme Exercise Motivation, will you be motivated to do any sort of workout or is this one solely focused on going to the Gym? Because while I do go to the Gym quiet often I also like to go for a run, mountainbike session, calisthenics, tennis, or what have you. I’d personally wouldn’t chose this module for a slot in my Custom as it was solely focused on motivating me to go to the Gym.

And as always any insights are welcome and well appreciated!


I’m using both of these right now. But just started running them (on Terminus) last week.

I felt a difference in my mini-workout just now. My endurance had increased. It’s not just elf magic or something. I think it pushes you to eat differently and sleep. I just cooked myself a lentil stew with tomatoes, onions, garlic, spinach, lettuce, and other greens. Ate 2 pieces of salmon. and a bit of pasta. I’d skip the pasta actually, but didn’t have time to make brown rice.

Anyway, my endurance is up, and I enjoyed my workout. That’s what I’m getting so far.


Oh, and my mini-workout was just 6 sets of pushups on the floor of my bedroom. No gym. (but still calisthenics.).

My endurance has been way low over the past few months, scarily low. So, I feel very grateful.


@King Probably . Thats why I am going to have the PPC Core and Manipulus in my next custom. I have finally realized that being so nice has gotten me almost no where and that I have to be willing to be an asshole when needed and stand my ground. For my own sanity if nothing else but also to take things where I want them to be.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Do I have to license titles I already own in order to have them in my q build?

Eg. I have khan multistage, EOG multistage, and I want to put stage 4 of both in my custom. Would I need to pay for them again?


Currently you do since they’re not modularized and in the other shop.

But at 14/per it’s not as bad as buying the program all over again.