Q Module Questions


Yes, you have to pay to license anything in your custom subliminal. Once you have purchased the licensing for a core/module it’s yours to use forever in any future builds. Purchasing cores/modules in the Q store is distinct than regular programs that have been purchased previously or purchasing regular Sub Club subliminals on the non-Q Store website.


It´s hard to say.

I have both Inexhaustible and Extreme Exercise Motivation in my custom and I also had this impression that they perhaps have their influence on other things besides my workout.

But as I also have QLQ St. 4 in my sub these effects possibly could also come only from that one so I am really not sure.

But I can say that I am overall more motivated for almost everything I do and I feel that I have more willpower and resilince than normal.


I have looked at Inexhaustible along with Extreme Exercise Motivation. Seems like it would complement any custom as you would want to feel your best physically no matter what you choose to do. I just received the 16kg kettlebell I ordered and plan on doing
Pavel Tsatsouline’s Simple and Sinister. That said both of the mentioned modules will be in my next custom.
On a side note I already tend to be a bit hyper having ADHD and all. My wife says I occasionally get like a cracked out Chihuahua. It will be fun to have the physical and mental energy to do whatever I want


@Maltaner Resilience and willpower are a beautiful thing when you are fighting off instant gratification to achieve goals.


Who else is using Serum X ? keen to hear what others have experienced so far ?


Me too!! Serum X has so much potential I cant wait to run it myself.


Serum X is s mandate every man needs Serum X


If I purchase Emperor, is there Terminus version of it or not yet?


Terminus strength is currently only available for Stark Q and custom titles. It is unknown if Emperor will ever get a “Terminus” upgrade, although it is unlikely and (as far as I know) not on the roadmap currently. What is more likely is that Emperor will get updated to the next new build (possibly Ultima). When or if that will happen is completely up in the air.


Emperor will most likely get a Terminus upgrade eventually. We have different plans for Ultima – we’re not sure if it’s feasible for major titles in the sense that everyone is used to, but I believe everyone will be happy with what we’re planning.


Ultima Emperor…

Sounds good.

Can we name it Lord British?



When are we, your loyal following, anything less than enthusiastic about whatever new fucking thing you plan on assaulting us (and our wallets) with? :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL :rofl::joy:


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This is music to my ears I always enjoyed emperor as it was the first product I purchased from you guys. Looking foreward to what is in store.


@SaintSovereign would you be kind enough to share additional information on the Module named ‘Tyrant’, I believe this one causes the most confusion, among myself and others. It seems to increase the connection between different conscious lines but what does that mean exactly?

Is it strengthening the connection between mind-body and spirit? Or is it similar to the Merger of Worlds where you bring closer the conscious and unconscious minds?


I have serum x in there but it’ll have to wait till ultima is over.


@mnemosyne lets ride the wave together when you begin serum x :smile:


Will ascension and regeneration the rest be available in different strengths also?like terminus?


Summoning @Fire got this one.