Q Module Questions


Possibly. We’ll see when Q fever slows down.


Emperor in Terminus would be incredible


If you guys we’re to leave out any of the modules below, which one would it be?

All of the modules marked by two * are not up for debate. This subliminal is focused on peeling off anything which isn’t my natural self, meanwhile building up a character which naturally flows with my energies. I deliberately left out IQ & Cognitive, Merger of Worlds and Pragya as I’ll be creating another subliminal solely focused on aligning mind-body and spirit while increasing cognitive abilities and intelligence.

To be honest, if Mosaïc makes the subliminal by itself more effective I’ll probably keep that one. From what it seems Mosaïc is probably not going to have much effect on merging each module together increasingly well, but I’m always open for other points of view and insights. Honestly I’m not entirely whether or not Mosaïc will affect the internal construction of the subliminal, and if not I’ll most likely drop it as I do not need these modules to be carried out in different subliminal’s.

So then we have Naturalizer, Ego Adsum and Iron Frame left. Go ahead and be free to share your thoughts.


Iron Frame and Mosaic—if you really want Mosaic, drop Naturalizer.

  • Iron Frame: You’ve got other behavioral stuff incorporated already. Also, see why Ego Adsum should be included.
  • Mosaic: SubClub products are by nature already designed to be stackable. Mosaic helps that but isn’t necessary.
  • Naturalizer: Seems more like a nice-to-have

Why NOT Ego Adsum? I think that living in the present moment is one of the most important things to do. Saint said that it’s “The Power Of Now” (yes, the book by Eckhart Tolle) condensed into a sub.


Mosaic is, in my opinion, the least necessary module for the same reason SubliminalUser mentioned - SubClub subs are already meant to function together


That’s a great looking custom

Subs that are less focused benefit from Mosaic. I would bet that custom subs with mosaic will run significantly more successful by themselves and especially when further stacking customs/store subs if the cores have strongly different goals/archtypes

Saint said about Mosaic being needed for customs

“No. It just has scripting to enhance the connection. The Mandatory Core has the same scripting all the major subliminals have in regards to stacking. Mosaic is really made for those who are running a “complicated” stack. Helps with taking diffused results and making them more focused.”

I’d personally leave Mosaic in, I would drop iron frame, (I’m sure that or something akin to that is in Ascension), or potentially energetic development as Saint Mentioned Blue Skies has components to address that, or naturalizer- of course the benefit of not having that is your results will seem unnatural :wink:


We should remember first of all that comparing module combinations is basically like comparing rooms in Heaven. It basically goes from ‘excellent’ to ‘amazing’ to ‘wonderful’.

Reading your list of modules, the word that comes to me most strongly is Alignment. Then after that Integrity and Power.

It seems to me like an intentionally heterogeneous combination. And it seems intended to unite the various levels of yourself into harmonious power. So that when you move or when you reflect, all parts of yourself are contributing to whatever you do.

(For example, there are parts that speak to your deepest levels of mind, to your emotional flow and ease, to your interpersonal spark and effectiveness, and so on. Not to mention the fact that the whole thing is organized around Ascension and Stark, two tracks which have a significant Productive and Productivity orientation to them.)

Because the list is diverse and because it’s very purpose seems to be harmonizing, combining and bringing together elements, MOSAIC seems, to me, like it would indeed be a very helpful ingredient to include. (In addition, it seems likely that you intend the effects of this subliminal to combine smoothly with the effects of other programs you are running.)

One point: I do not see any module in the Q Store called ‘Spiritual Development’, but that is one of the modules on your list. What is that intended to be? It would be great if that was just an extra mistake, because it would open up one more space on your list. haha.

Final question: when you envision specific Action related to this subliminal, what kinds of things does that look like for you? I ask because the initial description you gave of the focus of this custom could possibly be applied in many different ways depending on the person.


You have also Deus there, mosaic is probably over the top

An immense module designed to make any subliminal self-developing and to push it ever onwards in increasing power and efficiency. It will push to the limit all avenues of subliminal input,


Yes, Deus and Omnidimensional are mandatory modules which I’ll include in any of my Customs.

Will probably drop Mosaïc, I was just thinking that by adding it somehow Ascension and Stark, with all of the including modules would merge even better. But who knows? It’s probably not going to have so much of an effect.


Yes, I’ll probably have Ego Adsum in there, but my second subliminal will already include it and I don’t have so much trouble to live in the Now, as I do meditation and other mindfulness exercises on a daily basis. Furthermore I feel that whenever I’m consistently working on something which is dedicated to my passions that I’m always in the Flow State which really forces me into the Now anyway.

But we’ll see, this isn’t yet my definite Custom build, it’ll really depend on the insights I gather over the next couple weeks.

I really like Ego Adsum, same goes for Submodel Alpha but the latter will be included within my Quantum Limitless Custom as well, I believe it suits that one better, as it already contains a massive amount of subconscious and brain development scripting so it’ll really be streamlined to that particular subliminal.

As for Naturalizer, I do actually believe this module to be quiet worthy of having in a subliminal, especially when there’s healing going on such as I Am. It helps to transition into change even easier and make the ride even smoother, like you don’t even seem to be changing yet your outer world really notices that you’ve changed but you yourself take it as a normal. I’ve really experienced this on Ascension, and before that I wouldn’t include it myself.

If I could get a verification from @SaintSovereign whether or not Naturalizer is in Ascension then I can easily make a decision whether to leave out the module or not. Sames goed for Mosaïc.

I’m still thinking to add Ares or some other modules, so I’ll be lurking around here on the forums for a little longer just so I can get more insights on each modules until I got my Custom put together. I really want this one to be a rocker, which will catapult me towards my goals of this summer, and I’ve got a lot of work to do, to say the least.


Thanks, that’ll confirm my decision to leave out Mosaïc.

Really don’t want to drop Energetic Development, this one is to valuable for me, especially for my practices and I’m really eager to see how it’ll affect me.

I don’t see changes as being natural as a benefit, easy transitioning into a new person without to many reconciliation is what I’m looking for. There are way more interesting modules in the Q-store and honestly in the beginning I didn’t think much of Naturalizer until I ran Ascension. I really believe it is in there due to really quick changes that you don’t even notice until you check back for a month and see how much has changed.

Another reason I decided to go for Naturalizer is to accommodate the breakdown coming from ‘I Am’

Do you deem it necessary to add in any other healing modules such as Ares or Februus, I see these two to fit together nicely and not necessarily apart from each other.


Yes, well I believe I’m going to be dropping Mosaïc as it is already included within the main scripting. Furthermore I’ll only be running two subliminal’s, this one plus another one which is solely focused on aligning mind-body and spirit whilst developing and enhancing my intelligence and brain power.

Oops, ment this to be Spiritual Freedom, I really just put this together in a few minutes so there could be some module mistakes here and there. Unfortunately not a free slot :slight_smile:

Trust me, this one is greatly aligned with what I’m going to be doing over the course-span of the next 10 years, which is becoming a philanthropic entrepreneur which greatly aids humanity by it’s selling healing technologies and building an online community platform that teaches what I’ve learned along my path of becoming my God Self.

This is exactly my life purpose, to become a master teacher in which I heal others to become there Higher Self, to become closer with my life purpose and mission and adding that masculine edge to Stark I chose Ascension, it’s for me personally also the most productive subliminal available, after Ascended Mogul then but I do not care for money, money is only a distraction, money will come when you’re on your path and delivering value to your peers by fulfilling your life mission which always has to do with your passions so it’ll be fun they said, haha.

I’m yet to become 20 and already have great visions for the future and know exactly where I’m going, so we got that settled already. I made great sacrifices in my childhood to be at the position where I am now and I’m very grateful for it. I want to move forward and strive after my life purpose like never before and this Custom is exactly intended to help me with that.

Going to drop Mosaïc for now and then look then I’ll think further on Normalizer.

(oops I took over the Q Module Questions again)


I’m really glad that you have found all of these resources in your youth. :muscle::muscle::muscle:

May your path and your endeavors always be blessed!


I think you’re missing out at least 2 zeros :rofl:


Do you realize that most souls on Earth right now are extremely old and have probably lived for millions of light years. That includes you and me and anyone on this forum as it is no coincidence they’re seeking for more by using self-development technology. Neither is it a coincidence that I meet people on here that use Tensor Technology which is widely unknown.

Never underestimate the power of your Self, we’re highly powerful beings!

Appreciate it @Malkuth, may you to have success and abundance on your path.


What does Naturalizer do exactly?


It… naturalizes…

the process of change which can be tough at times.


Why I believe the Gratitude Embodiment Module is so powerful! And why I’ll take it over any of the other manifestation modules.

Be grateful for being healthy, for being alive, for having what you have, and more will come to you.

Enjoy the videos below, I share these so that you ma See, Experience, Know Gratitude. That’s why videos are so powerful, they are real experiences to the brain and they make you see.


Interesting. I have Gratitude in my wishlist for my next custom.


Alright, I am sold.

I will take this into my custom :slight_smile:

I have a theory that the manifestation modules also work with gratitude