Q Module Questions


The jury is still out. I’m leaning toward “yes,” even if it doesn’t make sense how. Most people are reporting that their auras seem to influence others at a distance.


Which module would best help releasing the feeling of nervousness, taking the pressure of oneself in the days before an exam and when you are being watched performing something (like during an exam). Both Sanguine and Stress Displacement seem to somehow deal with it? Which one would suit that goal better?


Is there any point in including Manipulus if PCC Core is in a custom? @SaintSovereign


Negativity Displacer could be amazing for that


In terms of modules -I would agree with @i_am and say Negativity Displacer sounds like it takes the cake.

For taking pressure of yourself-Sanguine-since self trust and confidence it would turn out, would replace pressure and/or stress—you can still put pressure on yourself in a stress free way.

BLU would also be very good for this, it virtually erases my performance anxiety,
and give’s me the kind of confidence where I am comfortably being see, viewed, ‘exposed’, and center stage without self -consciousness.

I think Joi De Vivre as well, since when your enjoying yourself with whatever you do, it’s hard to be concerned.

Libertine is also very good for this.


Thank you for the recommendations my friends @Azriel and @i_am. I highly appreciate it and I will meditate on the choices. Thank you


Could anyone explain the differences between Jupiter and Tyrant? They both seem to deal with conscious manifestation and the strengthening of one’s own reality


I am wondering if anyone can answer this.

I noticed that there are a lot of modules that focus on the same goal but approach it in different ways, e.g. Yggdrasil and Jupiter (or Jupiter and Tyrant). What if someone had Yggdrasil in custom A and Jupiter in custom B? Would the individual’s manifestation abilities as a whole develop more multidimensionally because it is being worked on in different ways through the two modules?


I am wondering whether Khan St4 Core contains parts of Mogul and Emperor in Khan program.


Is ‘Stronger’ solely focused upon having additional willpower for addictions or can it be used more broadly?


Is Manipulus derived from Power Can Corrupt?



Would like to know. This way I can be sure to save module space by only including PCC Core. They even use similar images.


If we have Aura in one of the customs and Mosaic as well, then do we have to add Aura to the 2nd custom as well to get the full effect of aura or will one cover both/all?


Just a shot in the dark but

I believe Jupiter has you see more and more how you consciously manifest your reality, and improves your ability to do so

Tyrant adds firepower and conviction, so to speak, to what reality your manifesting through subs and sub programming.

It’s like Jupiter is ‘you know have the power to create what you envision consciously, choose wisely’

and Tyrant is 'where ever this is going, it’s going 10,000%

Jupiter is the Reality stone
Tyrant is the Power stone


I love this analogy! This is making me consider doing different manifestation boosters in different customs so that I develop manifestation overall

@Azriel it would be amazing if we (as a community) simply analyzed and compared all the different manifestation modules and came to a collective understanding of how each one improves us in different ways!

I find that there’s so many different modules for the same topic, and it’s just impossible to put them all in one sub while still doing another topic—by coming to this understanding it would make for optimizing titles to include the modules most appropriate to the goals of the sub as well as the user style :smiley:


I’m glad someone resonated.

I totally agree,
that is part of the intention of Q module experience thread.
I will update and share more about what I think each module in my custom is doing there soon.

It can always be a bit of a ‘Sophie’s choice’ when it comes to cutting which modules (dark humour sorry :upside_down_face::blush:) and the more info and specificity we have the better.

I still wanna know what trailblazer does its just so…


" ASCENSION also contains scripting to help you discover your personal mission and ultimate goals in life, then guide you toward absolute success in achieving your dreams. This program will transform you into an unstoppable force of nature in regards to fulfilling your personal goals."

The former paragraph is probably the preliminary reasons why I chose to go with Ascension, but eventually I’d want to transition into Stark once again. Now when contemplating that concept, the following question arises – ‘Does Stark contain similar scripting to that?’. It certainly might be, but as I’ve had experience with both programs, Ascension certainly gave me that additional push to have me proceed my goals with unrelenting motivation, exactly like it is depicted in it’s description.

So with that said, there is certainly a possibility for a similar script to be hidden somewhere in Stark but then I might not have had enough exposure for it to become fully activated, hence why I’m asking the question.

I’m also wondering when Ascension & Mogul was blended together, whether ‘unstoppable force of nature in regards to fulfilling your personal goals’, was transitioned into a unstoppable force of nature in regards to fulfilling business related goals? I’ve tried Ascension & Ascended Mogul and with the latter I was very much more focused on business, money, wealth which is totally fine but I also love to work on my private/personal goals. So, is the personal goals scripting still present in Ascended Mogul?

It is probably something only @SaintSovereign or @Fire can answer at this point, though.


This has already been answered by Saint himself right here.


Thank you.

How about the second part of my question?

From my experience Ascension has been far more of an unstoppable force compared to Stark, which did make me very productive but not so disciplined.

And then the Ascended Mogul question is also unanswered.


I’m not a creator of these subs, of course, so I can’t know which scripting is in which subliminal.

I believe there’s much more to the subs than what their descriptions say…

The purpose/passion scripting is probably in most subs from SubClub.
The reason you’re seeing better results regarging this particular scripting, is because it’s much less dense script than StarkQ script. This is something that has been discussed here many times, I believe.

As for the second question. I don’t know. AM or Ascension have never been my focus.

On the other hand, Saint has talked many times about how you can consciously guide the subliminals, based on your own needs. This is also something to consider…