Q Module Questions


I agree on all of those but I’m looking for specific answers, thanks though!


I think this comes down to the shorter scripting and more rapid effect of Ascension vs. Ascended Mogul or Stark.

“You will face many manifestations that will test you and help you evolve who you are — but with enough belief, perseverance and an unrelenting action-taking attitude, StarkQ will help naturally uncover your true self and your charisma, genius, and your very own unique gift to the world that keeps on giving and evolving.”

I imagine this could take 6-12 months minimum at least to come online fully

Emperor is enormous and while I keep thinking I’m feeling the full script or impact of it, I look back a few weeks later and see I wasn’t even close.

Also I started to experience rapid clarity around my mission and purpose from running Ascension for a week, clear than on Emperor in the last 3 months. I was also much more motivated towards personal goals than work goals. I believe the Mogul scripting in Emperor/ Ascended Mogul may take priority over the personal aspects. Since putting work before personal is somewhat the definition of a mogul


Which module would be the best for staying organized and efficient on all my tasks? Would help tremendously with my job

Context: I have to juggle and stay on top of all of my clients and potential clients, which at any given moment could easily be 30+ people


For focusing & managing tasks:

Limitless Core
Productivity Unleashed
Carpe Diem Ascended
Submodel Alpha
Ascended Mogul Q Core
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Emperor: House of Medici Q Core

I’d also consider these for a “focus stack”:

Lion IV
Joie de Vivre


Question, can I just buy certain modules and add it to my stack and/or my custom?


Yeah, but you need to rebuild your custom!


Oh I didn’t know that you can do that, cool that helps because there definitely
Modules i would like to swap out.


Yeah, the modules you have purchased are added your modules library and when you build your new sub, you can purchase new modules that you haven’t already purchased, mix them with the ones you alyeady have and like + Rebuild :wink:


But rebuilding your custom will basically be like buying a new custom you just don’t have to purchase all the modules maybe some depending if you “own” them or not.



Couple questions regarding modules. If we get 2 customs, they stack, correct? I realize effect of a certain module will be increase through stacking, but here I am just wondering about how to make the effect apply to both…

eg, Mosaic:
do we need it in each custom in order to have seamless stacking, or one having it is enough?

how about Aura?
does having it in one, create the aura of that sub only or also for what is stacked with it? Does adding Mosaic into the mix change this?

I would appreciate some help on this. Could you give us your insight on this @Fire and/or @SaintSovereign?


I asked the same question about Mosaic a while back! :slight_smile:

If you have the same modules in each, they will work a bit better, but as long as they are in the stack somewhere they will work for all. ie you only need Mosaic in one stack, for it to help integrate all of them.

I would assume Aura works the same way.


Thanks for your response. I didn’t see that response. Will look it up.

Would be awesome to Get a confirmation regarding AURA also just in case but till then I’l assume this to be the case.

thank you =)


I keep thinking that if mosaic is so important to get things to stack some element of it must be incorporated into the standard Q script that is in every custom.


I keep wishing they’d remove the 20 module limit… :smiley:


It’s tough at times, lol. I’ve gone back and forth on my customs for a while now and so many times I thought I had it perfectly dialed in, then I counted and… blackjack. lol.

Back to the drawing board. :wink:


Yes, it would. :slight_smile:


You run the risk of your custom not working. Theoretically, we could probably push 22-23, but certain modules are VERY LONG and would throw it beyond the technological boundaries. Later this year, though… got a new format coming out that may allow us to quadruple the amount of information that can fit into a single title. :wink:


Yes, of course.

One is enough, if you’re stacking. But keep in mind, the more you stack, the longer it takes for results to manifest.

Will affect both.


Both are in the scripting, but AscMogul does lean toward the “business goals” element. That’s why you felt that motivation much stronger.


Yes, Stark is much more diffused since the goal is broader.