Q Module Questions


Wonderful. Thank you! Can’t wait.

Thanks for the response also. Got it. So 1 mosaic and aura is enough, can use those spots for 2 other modules :smile:


Will Emperor Fitness Height Inducer work for people past 27?


I know a guy who is around same age he isn’t even using subs, just using his own practices (he said he ate lots of meat also shrugs) he managed to increase his height by 2 cm. So… I wouldn’t be surprised.


Wow! Do you want to share the practices with me please?


I don’t know what he did tbh… but meeting him on Friday so I’ll ask if he shares will tell you =) All he said so far was ‘a lot of meat’. :smiley:


I look forward to choosing 80 modules for my next custom sub.


One thing I did notice is that, running Ascension solo is very different from running it within a Custom. Of course that makes logical sense, the more modules you add in a Custom on top of your Core(s), the less pronounced there effects will be.

Input = Output, the more scripts in a Custom the less each of them will be suggested to you and so your output of each Core will be decreased massively.

Similar to Emperor where the effects of Sex Mastery or Ascension are less pronounced compared to running those titles solo. I’m wondering though, in the long-run will the effects be as pronounced compared to running them solo + all of the additional benefits you gain from the added modules?

Oh well, here you have it already. So in the long-run, will go you as much of a focused blast compared to like running the Ascension Title because it is so compact and easily absorbed, with probably a greater amount of repetitions compared to a bigger title like Emperor?

And then for Mosaïc, you said multiple time that it will affect all of your titles by having it in one Custom. Personally, I was wondering whether having it in a Custom will alter the Custom itself, basically because it is generated by an A.I, which makes me think it might merge the internal scripts together more fluently – is this really the case? If not, I probably won’t bother having it in every Custom, it is most likely already in the main script, plus in every Core & Title.


I am having 21 modules and just wanna report that this amount is perfectly fine


You got lucky. Y’all are being hard headed. At this point, it’s hilarious watching people go against our instructions and advice, bottom out and then try to blame our products — which we just saw occur with a well known member who should’ve known better.

We did plenty of testing before releasing Q. 20 modules is the safe zone. You go more than that and you run the risk of a non-functional sub.


How different was Ascension for you solo vs. in custom?

It seems the modules you added really enhanced the ‘ascending’ effect of Ascension despite the core itself perhaps not hitting as hard in the short run. Also from what you communicated the custom seemed to further your movement and results on your path more so then solo Ascension.

In Mosaic in one custom it seems it makes results less diffuse when cores/modules have different directions or areas of life they address.


Is the Steadfast module similar or equal to being stoic? If so or not that module would go great with Attachment Destroyer, Lion IV, Rogue , Total Nonchalance, and a few healing modules and cores to create the ultimate IDGAF custom so one can just live their life and not be held down by stupid shit and regret or shame regarding the past or mistakes that have been made

Also based on that what Results Enhancement modules would be best?


Do Ares , Februus, Attachment Destroyer, or I Am do anything for regret?


That’s part of what I’m going for with Halcyon but less IDGAF and more “nothing can bring me down”.


Through the Q-store I had the ability to customize Ascension in a way that is more aligned towards my needs.

As a result, yes.


I Am, Ego Adsum will help you with that greatly, it will enable you to stop thinking of the past or focusing on the future but to live your life in the Now, where you can actually change what has been and what is to become.

Ares & Attachment Destroyer will certainly have additional enhancing effects which are compliant to the modules stated above.


Even with I AM module alone helps a ton, gives horrible reconciliation but no longer feel anything regarding past mistakes or regrets. It will break you, in the end is to recover our true self.

Don’t even feel anything regarding my mistakes. It’s just now a memory. It’s a intense module that gives a kick in the balls strong enough to change what me seek the most. A strong dose of reality.


My reconciliation wasn’t all too bad on it, are you referring to Khan Stage 1 or the ‘I Am’ module itself?


The I AM module. For me it was way tough, but glad to open my eyes about my past.


I would think any time you are able to let go of fear , trauma, or whatever is holding you back from being rational and not acting foolish in anything life throws at you would be ridiculously beneficial


@Fire or @SaintSovereign:
Does Transcendental Connection help to build emotional connections? I ask because it doesnt say it explicitly in the description.