Q Module Questions


I’d be interesting in hearing their take on Inner Circle + Transcendental connection combo in a custom.


Out of curiosity, what’s the smallest and largest non-core modules in the store currently?


Yes it is, in my experience, but if your in your head than it might be problematic. It is actually natural to be in your body but there are certain triggers within yourself that pull you in your head. Best way to find out is to be present to it then catch it and break the response…be playful about it, which shouldn’t be a problem for you :slight_smile:

You will also get a more ‘knowing’(intuition)of the person.


Probably Ascension and Khan St4


Those are core modules in the Q Store.


Oh sorry I missed the non-


Due to again re-injuring myself
I’ve added Survival instinct to my stack
and what I perceive as Steadfast in it
is indeed extremely ‘Stoic’


Isn’t this a bit reactionary and representative of serial subliminal switching? Now of course certain titles are more appropriate than others at certain times, but I do not believe that non-Ultima titles are designed for a timescale in days.

That said, let’s see to it that you heal! touches wood


@Azriel May your injuries heal fully.


lol, I got a handle on what I’m doing here. thank you though,
for the contribution and the well wishes.

Trust me, I do not make decisions lightly. Adding something to address a current issue is a highly conscious choice.

Surivival Instinct contributes to dealing with the distressing situation and it has already helped tremendously, in terms of leading me to more fully heal both in practical actions, and long term physical change, I will stack it until I replace/get modules from it in customs.

I have base subs and I rotate other stacks for short terms goals 4-6 week increments.
Emperor has been in for 5 months, custom 2 months.
It’s worked well for my goals short and long term so far.


@Azriel Steadfast, Lion IV, Iron Frame, and Total Nonchalance would be the perfect stack for anyone not wanting to be rattled by anything.


Halcyon! :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ultimate writer module seems pretty big


Does this module have status?

“It was found that with each increase in status, the same man grew in perceived height by an average of a half inch, so that as the “professor” he was seen as two and a half inches taller than as the student.”

pg 223, influence, robert caldini



That’s physical shifting, so it works on actual height, not perceived height. It may make you feel taller on the inside as well, but I doubt status generation is what it’s for.


How much time did I am kicked you down before you could raise back up?


The first initial weeks (July to August) it was manifested in rough moments that got better as the day proceeded.
But mostly on weekends since I took a break from running the custom sub, the script got processed efficiently, and experienced this intense moments.
However, it was way too emotional and in certain times depressing. Either bad mood, frustration or sadness and dissapointment. The recon it gave was too much!

But it was for the best, I must say.

Past mistakes are only that now, I no longer feel anything regarding to it. What I did back then shouldn’t mess with the present.
Took me a month to get on my feet.


Hmmmm, ok ok, were you able to work and focus?

I am wondering if I should stack it, my new stack will be geared toward productivity and focus, but also healing!


Yes, I could. Sometimes gave me a small push to work on specific tasks. Recon was mostly on rest days so it shouldn’t be a pain in the ass when working during business days.
Even if one is during reconcilliation, you can still work, study or focus if needed. I don’t see I AM module to be counterproductive.

It’s a wise choice to add it for long term healing. It’s amazing, but tough module. Go for it.
If you are in possesion of Sanguine Ultima consider to run it if I AM begins to arise conflicting emotions during a busy week.


I have not run the I AM module but if it’s anything like Khan Stage 1 here is what I’ll say about it.

It’s absolutely incredible for wiping the slate clean, my experience is I feel reset, present, and focused on the moment on and most powerful, however what I have noticed is that it takes more conscious intention to build momentum for me. If I leave khan stage 1 as an add along or loops of my custom out, my days feel more continuous, like they build on each other. If the building is accumulating negative stuff, than running this is incredible, and if I am able to stick to my long term structures and commitments its great, but when I don’t use it and things are going well, it feels like the momentum builds faster. I don’t know if cause this involves questioning, or if cause I’m using the vestiges of difficult experiences to navigate etc. This could be unrelated by that is my strong sense of how it effects me.