Q Module Questions


Thank you for your anwser,

and after the first month, you continued to run I AM and you were ok?

@Azriel, I also ran Khan St1 for 4 weeks, but the negative emotions never disapeared until I stopped running it, I guess I was still processing stuff.

Also, right now I am thinking of doing a simpler custom, like only Emperor and SS + Healing, maybe add regular HoM on the side… Trying to figure out a long term goal by working my discipline and focus.


I think hiding Khan Stage 1 in a custom with other powerhouse and feel good modules
worked really well. I got a lot of the benefits from the breakdown, without experiencing to much breakdown. I have since run Q store khan stage 1 a few times, and it just makes me feel really good, some light stuff comes up gets cleansed and I may start questioning things more, but doesn’t wreck me to much.


My personal philosophy is to have one sub custom or otherwise
that gives me the state/experience/ focus and sense of exactly what I want and need now
and to run that in the day mostly.

Then have other subs that work on attributes I want to develop, and run those at night, or if there event specific. Before the event.

I get instant state shifts from subs-so run can run them almost like Ultimas with less pronounced effect.


Sure man, I’m still running it since the first day of July. No regrets.
No longer doubting yourself, if there’s a challenge, you’ll be ready for it.

It also helped me in truly discovering what I really want. It does what it says on the module description.


This and @Azriel’s responses are a little surprising. I would have thought that having I AM (much less Khan ST1 Q Core) in a custom would slow down the execution of all the other modules especiallt because of this.


It probably has,
It clears things which makes things go faster, and it also clears things which could cause breakdown or questioning which may make things go slower. These are complicated equations.

IMO khan stage 1 and/or 4 cores is like the extended release version
of effects/released vs. instant release.

The ‘drug’ still hits, just not all at once lol

My ability to experience an immediate effect is distinguished in my view then the full results or actualized effect of the sub over time. One just orients my state/attention/and intention -the other is action, experience accumulated the concomitant results achieved, and an identity shift of how I relate to myself and/or how I filter/view the world.

Everything I say is only my best extrapolation of my experience obviously. I believe I am an exceptionally self aware person with very strong connection to myself, Self, and parts of my self, unconscious, and accurate intuition.

However each person can only gauge how things work on their own experience, if what we share guides each other that is great, but it is no guarantee.


I wonder what would happen if you put emperor core and stark core in the same custom with mosaic… i wonder if you could make them have a good synergy. Or would they totally rip you in 2 different directions?


Perfect, that anwser my question as to add I AM to my custom or not (hint: I’m down for it)

Right now I feel like I need work work work and organization. And also toughness because I feel like I’ll be spending time alone in the next year.

Probably Emperor+SS as core. If I then use your tips, I could add medici when I meet important people or daredevil when I go out with people. But would still have my overall badass masculine vibe that emperor gives and always that sexual aura that SS gives!

@Floridianninja For me I think your mind would find a balance in all those affirmations! You always need a balance. But my anwser is mostly a physics metaphor since it is mostly related to the mass of object. Everything always finds a balance, so I think eventually your mind would find a synergy, maybe some of emperor’s dominance would be alleviated by some of Stark’s social lubrification for example :wink:


I love the creativity and social aspect of stark and love the alpha aspect of emperor. I am both honestly i can be a social butterfly one day and an anti social hermit the next so both fit well with me. Plus they both have their quirks that make them unique like they are both productive in their own way. I also think they maybe the discipline warrior in emperor would help happy go lucky in stark.


Yeah, I also think so, on Stark you can work hard af tho, don’t think Stark is light beer :wink:

But yeah, overall discipline with stark is lower!

Did somebody here know what effect Aura of Craving does?


Interesting that you’d have this philosophy given that this philosophy is embedded in Ultimas.


From what I recall, @blackadder has experience with that module.


Challenge is he added a LOT of auras if I recall correctly, and his experience wasn’t the most positive. I don’t know of anybody running it without more auras.


it’s always been like this for me
since the first subclub sub


for the results of the sub -they have to be run consistently-I’m trying to keep Medici there for the long term, as its endgame could take years.

For situation-ally-I should specify, the subs are in a rotation, so Its not like I’m starting from scratch. I mean if I’m going to work out or to meet a girl, I may run my custom before -where as normally I’d wait until later at night. I don’t know if subs effect your state/intentions/vibe -immediately -if they do great!


Partly, but you already have to have a base with it. It will only trigger it again! Usually it is better days before you have the event, and for medici I am pretty sure it needs a lot of time to practice the craft!


Negativity Displacer
Negativity Shifter
Negative Energy Transmutation

How does one stack up these three modules?..from the descriptions I am not sure if they are angles on the same problem or focusing on different problems altogether.


Those of you who have used Khan for a good amount of time. Which modules from the Q-store would you recommend if I want to go full Stark with a polish of Khan?

I was thinking – Lion IV, Godlike Masculinity. Is there anything else I should look into? I’m looking at the Masculine aspects of Khan preliminary, especially social dominance, power to pursuit goals like an unstoppable force of nature; drive, ambition, calmness, etc…


Hmm, I would add everything dominance,we are talking :

  • Iron frame
  • Alpha of Alpha
  • Leader of men

And maybe a power module.


Good list.

If I was to add more based on the parameters…

  1. social dominance

Invincible Presence - Social visibility.

Total Nonchalance - Self expression not limited by others.

Dominion - With you or not at all.

Love without Attachment - Separate Life from Romanticism.

Power Unleashed - Conventional Masculinity.

  1. goals like an unstoppable force of nature

Natural Winner - Independence from failure.

Joie de Vivre - Emotional Power - Enjoy life goals and activity, otherwise not worth doing.

Carpe Diem Asc - Motivational independence - Internally determined drive for success.

Sultan - Wealth increases to maintain lifestyle.

The Forge - Making sure to test yourself, so you know you have what you think is there.