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My bad, I should of said Social Magnetism, in terms of Masculinity I was referring to drive, dedication, discipline mainly. As for Social aspects; Status & Respect as well but in a Magnetic demeanor, not like being so dominant that none will ever come in and talk to me.

So Lion IV, Iron Frame, Godlike Masculinity definitely. I’m open for any other recommendations. All of those being above others like Alpha of Alpha, Leader of Men competitive style modules do not resonate with me for the reason stated above.

As for these recommendations, I’m leaning towards Total Nonchalance, Carpe Diem Ascended and Joie De Vivre, now Total Nonchalance is probably in Daredevil already and I’m most likely going to have that added to my Custom anyway. Unless I opt for Power Can Corrupt instead, it really depends.


I thought rogue was giving you the self expression?


Just to post alternatives for efficiency.

Manipulus and Mastermind are part of PCC (Probably), and is synergistic with starkQ (since stark likely has them already).

PCC is defensive, and more in alignment with non-social subs like emperor.

I forgot to add that, I would say from this, a good addition for social dominance…

  1. Rogue -
    Profound state of not caring for opinions of others unless they are helpful.

Could be another good addition to replace PCC.

I would guess Rogue vs Nonchalance is emotional detachment vs emotional independence.

One is intellectual and the other emotional, and both give self expression independence.


As a Scorpio I am very emotional and carious about the opinions of others even though I do not show it. Would you say that Rogue gives me detachment from others there opinions? Usually, I am already really detached concerning opinions of people, unless they’re directed by friends, family or anyone who I truly care about. Mostly not because I believe there opinions, more so because of them seeing me that way through there perspective.

Looks like Total Nonchalance & Rogue might already be part of Daredevil, what do you think?

And yes, while Power Can Corrupt might be more defensive, it said to help charisma, charm and social ability – which I personally haven’t noticed, especially not the social part. Daredevil might be more in line with my personal needs. It’s not that I will ever need Power Can Corrupt to discern people’s intentions, I’m naturally born detective when it comes down to that. It might enhance those effects dramatically though.

Nonchalance being the intellectual while Rogue being the emotional?


I actually think Total Nonchalance and Rogue are both in S&S. TN is in daredevil (And Probably Sanguine) but not Rogue (Or just a trimmed/lite version). Since daredevil is entirely social focused, I could see a Rogue Lite being there.

One of the aspects of Power is the choice to withhold it, as the authors inspiration is Machiavellian, it is about giving strength to good people to fight evil, and sparing those who cannot/wont hurt you. This was the inspiration for both authors, (Machiavelli was forced to write the book).

Other way around TN emotion, Rogue intellectual.


I thought about this a bit and came up with something that aligns with this statement. Imagine a protector shielding a child or partner, you are soft and gentle with them… but decisive/strong when the situation calls for it.

Say… calm before the storm or eye of the tornado.


many of the modules during the second release were components of the more recent programs.
My impression was masterminded originated as a module in HOM.
Having run both PCC and HOM, I would experimentally saying mastermind is not in PCC or at least shows up very differently.

I say this if someone is looking for the particular effects of mastermind, long term planning, strategic ‘outpacing’ others/ competition etc they may not get this from PCC



IMO, Mastermind is PCC (-Defensive laws +Creativity +Planning). Mastermind is inside Stark as well (Lite/modified), the archetype of creative genius (Mastermind).

I remember the research for HOM was in development during the release of stark, but this is all conjecture of course.



Agreed with @Azriel, Mastermind is totally part of House of Medicine, nonetheless is might also be present in some other programs such as Stark or Power Can Corrupt.

That’s kinda who I am naturally; soft, kind and gentle unless someone keeps projecting negative behavior towards me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve ran Stark though but from what I can remember it had a lot of external social dominance. One thing it lacked for me was the inner strength and power gained from any of the Titles build on top of Ascension or Ascended Mogul.

ENTP style for a moment I completely overlooked Stark and went another directions, in my mind there are so many possibilities and ideas to approach my upcoming Custom that I can’t even keep up with them, lol.

Maybe I need Sex & Seduction instead of Daredevil? Gosh, I need to test all these programs myself because there is not enough information to convey which one will align most optimally, literally have no time for that. Going to have to run Stark for a few weeks and go from there, generally speaking I just want to modify Stark to where it becomes fully aligned with my personal desires.

Thanks for you input :slight_smile:


Just realized this module was possibly inspired by PCC as well.

Remember seduction is not just about sex, but being a likable/persuasive person, as well as getting what you want.

Since dardevil is just social, you might miss out on the more broad impact that seduction offers.

Of course I am just using conjecture here, but if I come up with something I will elaborate.

Main Disc. Thread - Stark Ultima Experimental

Well, let’s just say that in conjunction with Stark I’d like something that improves my persuasive, charismatic and social abilities.

Sex & Seduction, Daredevil, Primal Seduction, Primal or Iron Throne perhaps? It will be necessary for my sales, communicative and networking skills. I’ll have to convey ideas to people and make sure they totally love it and see the value in it, essentially conveying my belief to them. As well as public speaking and magnetism of course.

Which one of those will assist me with that?


Sex and Seduction!

I’ve ran the stack of Stark + SS and I felt like a goddam rockstar for sales bro! You the the “everybody likes you” from stark + the persuasion from SS…! Bonus points, it helps for sex… and seducing romantic partners :wink:


How does it compare to Daredevil? And what about Iron Throne, I guess it contains Primal as well, which might help what would you say?

I created a Thread about this just a second ago, please feel free to leave your suggestions there.


Never ran daredevil, I can’t tell!


How about Iron Throne?


The problem with IT/PS is the seduction is interlaced with sexuality, stark already has IT anyways. It is better as a short section of a major sub.

S&S, imo is not as sexual as it sounds. I just read this book, influence by robert caldini, it outlines persuasion through confidence tricks (Topics focus on creating wealth/money, but concepts are applicable to any field).

Since S&S also contains Ascension lite to aid in smQ, this is good as well for persuasion.

The chapters of the book are…

  1. Reciprocation - Ascension lite inside smQ gives respect through sex, generous.
  2. Commitment - Ascension lite inside smQ gives respect through sex, trustworthy.
  3. Social Proof - Ascension lite inside smQ gives respect through sex, networking.
  4. Liking - Ascension lite inside smQ gives respect through sex, personable.
  5. Authority - Ascension lite inside smQ gives respect through sex, competency.
  6. Scarcity - Ascension lite inside smQ respect through sex, abundance.

S&S is good at all of these, just in a different way.

One could apply seduction to any of these concepts. This book is also recommended by the PUA Neil Strauss (Author of “The Game”), as a foundation for higher concepts. One can apply it to anything such as selling a product. The book is rather dull though imo.



It might support you to re-read the Daredevil main thread.

Daredevil is social Alpha, status, sociability, in the moment, ease with being the real you in front of and with others. While it can be steered, it takes the focus off of high intentionality and outcome orientation. Which for those who are to outcome attached and/or cold, with woman/sales etc… may improve their net results.

work will likely not be on your mind if you add/stack this. It’s also not a module in the Q store…yet


@Hermit if you are interested in S&S, why not add https://q.subliminalclub.com/product/charisma-flirting-automatic-mentor-improver/ this module instead of the whole core.


Lmao how many books are you reading a week!

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about women at this point in time, so if I decide to go with Sex & Seduction it would be solely for the persuasion aspects. Sex & Seduction sounds more sexual compared to Primal, Primal Seduction or Iron Throne, if you ask me. Yet I’ve got no experience with any of those programs, so what can I say.

So apparently it is not so sexually oriented at all, how’s that?

Anyhow, if we’re going to discuss this any further we’re better of moving it to the Thread I created a moment ago, otherwise we’re likely to completely derail this Thread.

Because there are even fewer parameters as to how I’ll perform on it. For sure is an option, but I can easily have my own experience through purchasing Sex & Seduction, Daredevil or something else. There’s also an Aura module for persuasion, which is interesting. Might just go for those two instead of adding another Core to Stark & Ascended Mogul.

What’s with Iron Throne preventing you to work? Is this also the case with Sex & Seduction, Primal or Primal Seduction?


It doesn’t prevent you,
Its Primal Seduction-Iron Throne-no holds barred push and incentive for action
towards actively seducing woman of interest.
So if that is not a priority, that sub will pull you in a direction distinct than the total single minded
pursuit you have mentioned.

While I can definitely focus on work with my custom with Primal Seduction, dating and sex remain in the back of my mind and become a priority to address daily, When I leave it out or run less loops that diminishes, and it feels my focus and priorities are more career and purpose based fully.


There is a difference between respect through sex, than sex to get respect.

IT is pure sexual scripting, without healing. I find it is stronger than LibU. I can find the quote on that. Primal is only persuasive if the person likes you first.

The opposite of seduction…

To quote robert greene…

“The crab. In a harsh world, the crab survives by its hardened shell, by the threat of its pincers, and by burrowing into the sand. No one dares get too close. But the Crab cannot suprise its enemy and has little mobility. Its defensive strength is its supreme limitation.”

“repellence, insecurity, anxieties, self-consciousness, fragile-ego, bitter, ungenerous, excessive argumentative & judgmental, lavish undeserved praise, declaring love before they know you, pay no attention to details, distance & inattention, nag, talk a lot about yourself, dress against the others taste, suffocate.”

Main Disc. Thread - Stark Ultima Experimental